14 Profiles of Fashionable Men on Instagram: See the Best to Follow

I used to follow dozens of fashion blogs for men. Over the years, and as I was developing a much better idea of personal style, this number has been decreasing for a much more manageable.

14 Profiles of Fashionable Men on Instagram See the Best to Follow

There have been many blogs about trends in Japan, web portals, postings, and web sites was hashtag menswear. Thecond same movement workwear/americana in general, there were very few. Follow accessing one or the other forum, but those few blogs that have remained tend to speak of men’s tailoring, classic and, most often, post long texts.

The same happened on Instagram. My feed was getting virtually free of inspirational messages and photos of the boots being tied up. You know how… with a side of pants strategically raised to show the half, seen? I was reducing each time more of my “circle” of interest.

Today, I learned of the news, and collaborations through the few shops that I follow, mainly because they bring something new and fun in men’s fashion. Despite this blog having taken a certain course in the last few years, he started with two ideas, to help people to dress in day-to-day; and to talk with those who enjoy style and want to discover new things.

So, as a way to usher in 2018, I thought I’d show you who I followed regularly on Instagram. Not notice the title… these probably are not the best Instagram male fashion (but I need the SEO also, isn’t it?). Well… who knows the best according to my opinion at this time.

These are not the only ones that I follow… are only those Instagram men’s fashion that I visit most often, and who inspire me most at the moment. I tried to recommend only the people and not shops. I hope you find something here that also like it!


The trend of slim-fit made a lot of fashion for men. In the years 80 and 90, most of the men wore loose clothes – thanks in large part to the influence of Giorgio Armani. In the following decade, fashion designers in search of a new visual presented cuts more fair. Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane gave us the suit skinny jeans, and Thom Browne shortened the pants and men’s suits.

The versions the most extreme rarely came out of the parades, but it impacted the style of men. Even the shops that are more conservative have versions that are more equitable to their traditional cuts. Most were cheering on the nose to wear jeans and slim ties thin.

The larger contribution of this phase was to teach many men the basics on trim, or “fit”. The ways how the seams of the shoulders should stay in the joints, where the cuffs of his shirt social must end, that the pants should not form a puddle of fabric around the ankles, etc. In the last fifteen years, the magazines, blogs and gurus have made millions of “before and after” with people who fit the clothes.

The problem is that the pendulum swung too much in that direction, distorting our idea of that really wears well. What was considered traditional is now very broad, in large part because the new “regular cut” is the “slim fit” yesterday.

We tend to avoid clothes with modeling more complete, because we feel that the silhouettes are heavy, but look at how the Sun Gil of South Korea wears well with cuts wide. The pants are a little higher on the hips, which improves the proportion between the trunk and the legs.

I recommend the Insta of @ssun6154 because I like the silhouettes loose that he wears. The clothes look much more comfortable than the suits tight that we have seen in the last fifteen years. Much more comfortable and natural, both the tailored clothing and in combinations with footprint workwear. This variety gives me new ideas and helps me not get so bitolado in a style and mold of the trim.


Ethan Newton is a strong name in men’s fashion. Ex employee of Evisu, Patrick Johnson Tailres, and one of the three founders of The Armory, today considered one of the best stores male of the world.Now, after a short period at Ralph Lauren, returned to Japan to found the Bryceland’s.

I hate “branding” in the clothes and I hate fast fashion. The fashion market, particularly luxury, began to unravel in the early 60’s when someone had the idea of putting tags with names in clothing of good quality. This led to the licensing of brands, and finally, to a situation where only the name on the clothing matter. Style by association: designer brands associated with the style and sophistication that somehow give those same attributes to person/outdoor living.

This is the first point that catches my attention in the profile of Ethan. The clothes really seem like an extension of your personality. There is an integrity in what he wears, does, and writes. I think that we all can inspire us with this idea of not being a billboard for any brand.

A second point comes from the impression I have that he wears it with the sincerity (and as it is in the market for a long time, you see how to have consistency. The internet is full of photos from digital influencers in the suit in the forest, or climbing a mountain of shoes social. Have a time and place for everything, and the variety of vintage casual wear with tailoring that he wears around very well the style of life which leads.

Which leads me to the most obvious… Ethan is not a face small. A little bigger than the people that we are used to see talking about fashion. Hence the first point that interested me in the style of him, just like what I said about the profile above.

There are several “rules” if you are skinny, fat,, high-low, but he uses everything: pants with pleats doubles, the blazers double-breasted, layers,… theoretically some things that are outside of the rules. If the clothes are well adjusted to your body, all the styles can be good. Any thing not dressed well probably has more to do with the trim than with the style.

To finish… the other point that leaves me quite puzzled is how it mixes the sartorial classic (and discreet) with the more casual of the vintage and workwear (also discreetly). I wish I could do that… I think the two styles blend well: two things classic, surviving the test of time. It does this very well, with discretion and good taste.

The cut of the outfit that he wears has a side of Italian soft, but usually in fabrics the English, who are more heavy duty. The broad chest, a waist smaller, sleeve larger, with a pants waist high and legs wide. It is a cut well male… a men’s tailoring, not even a little delicate.

On the side, casual, Ethan sure has many vintage pieces – excellent quality and obviously unique and expensive – to-side and some parts re-created, as denim jeans that mimic the Levi’s 501s 1947.

It is worth following the @ethandesu!


Ok! An indication a little differently. And I realized that I am writing too much. I promise I will leave the reasons more short from here to the front!

When I wrote the post about workwear, I talked about another way to wear this style. It is a way more loose, less “heavy”, without that same air of “macho” that way more traditional attempts to pass.

I rather like to use workwear as well, and one of the people who have opened my mind to new ideas is the and_death. Who are we fooling… we are not lumberjacks.

Not enough to be a fashion avant-gard, but I’m sure that looking at these few photos that I separated, you will notice how the proportions that he wears beyond what we consider normal.

I’m talking about pants much wider (almost always military vintage) with jackets long. Overlays with coats shorter over jackets for a longer time (being that the normal would be the opposite).

His clothes fit well on the body, with proportions in harmony and seams that end where they should.He wears a cool look, well individualized, because you are willing to play with its silhouette. Those chinos wide or jackets with the sleeve a little short, for example, prevent things from getting too work.

In addition to the amazing pieces of the Real McCoys, Kapital , and also all kind of vintage that he wears, this creativity with overlays and combinations is super unique and shows that even in old-fashioned clothing, there is still a new way of combining if you are someone who likes to get dressed up and take the risk.


Ok… something more traditional now.

The Gary guy is super normal. Is not a handsome of those that looks good with anything you wear, but usually, it is very well with everything you wear.

A lot of people loves to complain about how men dress today. Everything is very poorly chosen, nothing in the right size. Anyone who is not fashionable, think of all the little tips practices, the collections, very amazing, very far of the real world.

In the past it was easy to dress. When the world was more formal, you had a series of rules and a certain parameter from which to choose on each occasion. With the amount of options, it is increasingly difficult to dress casually, and well.

I think the tips standard very obvious and boring, you know? Chino beige with blue blouse. Swap the shirt for a blouse, polo. Try an accessory color. A bag.

She has such option in the casual world…

So, how do you get a balance between what is interesting and what is practical in day-to-day? In today’s world, where the dress codes are so open and subjective, this is a hard question to answer. Much depends on your environment, lifestyle and taste.

I like that Gerry uses. Much of what he wears are those pieces that everyone recommends for years – jackets, military pants, adjusted and short, leather jackets, jackets, safari jackets, work boots, chukkas boots, etc. Only that it combines these things in a very interesting way, and once in a while, with some good parts creative direct a brand, the more mirabolante. It is so well combined that we barely realize you have something “fashion” in the middle.

Here are a few points that I notice a lot on Instagram of him:

  • Texture can be a more sophisticated way to differentiate the look of the that wear bright colors or prints glaring. Gerry uses fabrics such as waxed cotton, suede, tweed, and velvet to transform something basic into something more interesting. Instead of a sweater, a basic merino, he chooses a cardigan textured, for example.
  • Again, not everything has to be obsessively neat and tidy in the body. Some clothes are a little more loose, which allows you to create silhouettes interesting. The jacket waxed cotton Drake is the middle square; the jeans Kapital has mouths wide, blazer corduroy Engineered Garments has a cut intentionally irregular, which leaves the piece more charming and casual.
  • Short combinations of low-contrast that it makes. I am talking about leather jackets and black jeans, lead, or denim jackets with a sweater, with navy blue. This visual monochrome is quite cool. The key is to choose shades of the same colour, but create a contrast otherwise, back to point 1: texture, materials, brightness, etc. Similar colors, but a visual depth different.

Yeah there the hint of a profile for anyone who wears casual and practical and does not want to listen to tips of fashion totally out of the reality of the ordinary guy, or those sentences assholes “to have power”, “dress to pick up women”, etc.


Let’s go to the next profile! This is the founder of the brand Mister Freedom. Not exactly a profile of fashion, but you follow the news of the brand and the day-to-day of it behind the scenes of one of the lines with the vintage-inspired coolest in the world.

Because I recommend? Simple: it Is very fun.

It is easy to be a person who likes fashion turn boring. Have regrinha for everything, stay bitolado with the that uses, to want to fix others, etc. The Christophe interacts with the work of a an extremely fun. The captions, the poses, the videos you record… I think it is great!

Fashion men’s casual is super open and interpretive. There is no right formula as in the formal world. The weight to pick and choose what you like and what looks good on you, is totally yours.

In the profile of Christophe he placed almost exclusively pieces from Mister Freedom. They have a vintage-inspired but are clothes that combine very well on the day-to-day any one. I like very much how he dresses in shirts and pants differentiated without looking like a caricature of that “guy who likes” vintage”. Makes sense?

But the best of the urges it is the same do not take anything very seriously. Are just clothes.


When it comes to style, the best contributions from the US, without a doubt, were in casual clothes. The tweeds shoulder soft classic Brooks Brothers were the only versions the more relaxed of their ancestors, the English, and the shirt oxford collar button down is the personification sports shirts social engomadas. Of 501 from Levis to shoes Nike, all important contributions to the fashion that came out of the United States have been options men’s democratic.

Which means that, if you want to build a casual wardrobe, it is difficult to do better than pass by the archives of american design. I love the English style and Italian, but no one has made casual clothes better than the USA.

The White Whale Company has an american style well cool. They mix and match the type of things that have made the style USES the famous, in a way that I call… well asian. A diy fashion.

There are clothes of surplus the military that the GIs continued to use after the Second World War when they returned home. There are also classics on the campus, such as tennis racing retro and sweatshirts, jackets and work hats varied.

But the cool thing here is that these looks are not 100% classics – they have a hint of fashion that makes everything more young, casual and cool. Not quite a novelty… after all, Ralph Lauren has created a business bilhonário mixing the Ivy style with military items.

In short: combinations consistent can be nice, but shocks more drastic also has its place in casual clothes. In the pictures they combine the various elements to prevent things from becoming too literal, type work trousers with leather sandals, to let the weight of the workwear less evident.


Permanent Style is the instagram of Simon Crompton, the site of the same name.

The first reason to follow: to Track visits and interactions with some of the best brands, the best tailors, artisans and cobblers more amazing. It is a window to the world of the measure, and of true luxury in menswear.

The second reason is that we live in the heat, which sucks because the colder seasons are the best for clothes. And damn, this guy is very elegant!

It is a great example of a “middle ground” between a conservative and a dandysmo rampant on the internet (those men peacock). The proportion of the suits that he wears are perfect. The court, whether English or Italian, is impeccable. The combinations of colors, do not escape much of the traditional, but nothing seems to grimace too much and not emperiquetado too. Is how I would like me to dress, and feel, if you use clothing like this (and dying)

I don’t quite know how to express what I’m going to write now, but when you are interested in clothing, as I am, you always feel the need to make what you’re wearing look interesting. This can include adding a bit of color, add a little texture, or an accessory, or detail unusual. This comes from the idea that, to look elegant, you also need to be attractive.

Instead of thinking about what you’re wearing as things that you can combine in infinite ways to get various effects, think of it as language. The great thing about this profile is how Simon wears simple clothes, but that you pass the right message. A suit of green or a shade of brown with lots of texture, with a denim shirt, don’t be tailoring, but passes a message casual. A suit double-breasted, it gets a little more lightweight with buttons clear and a handkerchief pocket. There are no exaggerations or unusual accessories here.Not even one clip of tie Mad Men and a lot of bracelets, eyeglasses, and I know there is more than that.

It is basically the classic but always great. Not because simple is better, but because of the message sent. For decades, a dark suit with tie, dark dress with a white shirt and a square of white pocket, it means something very specific. It means “I’m here to do business!”, or participate in an important event. Change the handkerchief of the pocket, the shirt or the tie to something more fun, and the message becomes another. As I said… if I could wear that outfit every day, I would like to pass on the message that it passes: use because I want to.

Ah, the casual snapshots are also super cool. Many good ideas for a guy who likes clothes, classic, but it is not in this wave of tailoring and does not want to look as retro as some of the others listed here.


Here is a little bit like the profile above.

Some people are afraid to wear tailoring pieces because they think formal more.Let’s be honest, even a blazer sporting is easy to be considered to be extremely formal in 2018. Since the 1970s, the tailoring is becoming rare in the lives of men. Even the people who work in law and finance are changing a little bit the way you dress. When all are in t-shirts and jeans, it can be difficult to use something a little aligned without the feeling of being a fish out of water.

I would recommend this Instagram because you can make the clothes look less formal than they are. A blazer plaid with a polo and dark pants clear, for example. A jacket of suede with jeans and tennis shoes, or pants alfaitaria with blouse polo and grey tennis shoes leather.

To get this look, you need to understand a little of the formality of things to choose the ones that are on the spectrum more informal. Brogue, derbys or shoes without laces instead of an oxford… a tie with texture instead of a silk, linen and cotton instead of wool. A suit with cut and soft shoulders soft instead of the breastplate imposing.

At the same time, you need to be able to bring things more sloppy to one side more aligned, like a tennis minimalist suede, or a polo shirt with the collar over the navy, and a dark denim with waist high, for example.

Follows and begins to repair, that is an excellent reference for use alfaitaria-of-factly, without looking like a drone enterprise. By following him, Ethan Desu, and the Permanent Style you are already training to look for different cuts, proportions and color combinations.


A lot of thing I was talking about in the other recommendations, but what I like in the profile of the Urban Hippie is:

  • A normal guy
  • Chose a style
  • Wears it always, from head to toe

Sometimes the coolest thing is to find the type of clothing and some brands that you like and go acquire the parts over the years. You will have a wardrobe that blends very well, you can mix everything.

Another detail that is turning point in common between them all is how the trim of the clothes it is not perfect. Has an air of sloppy… too big, broad, too much, too short.

I think this is essential for those who like that style military/worker. The japanese also do very well. The americans in the Instagram are not so good. They dress very literal, everything very neat and tidy. I think that goes totally to the opposite of the proposal this type of clothing.

The important thing is to be comfortable and make the outfit to be yours. These peculiarities that are beyond the perfection expected in the clothes “normal” that give the charm.

@matteobianchessi and @jfkman

When you think of vintage clothing, you probably think of looks very specific. Maybe it’s the kind that you would expect to see at the Inspiration LA – guys in work clothes, jackets, souvenirs, jeans, old shirts and Aloha. Or you can be an Ivy style more polished, mid-century, with a jacket of polo played on a suit and Brooks Brothers in the 1960s. Even though the styles might be eclectic, there is a family relationship between them.

Things need not be so. That is why I recommend these two photographers of street style, almost always, male. They have a taste for wide and the wardrobe of the photographed jumps through all kinds of aesthetics. Ivy trad the references to japanese influenced by workwear, tailoring, classic and also contemporary fashion. Has a bit of everything.

Expand your vision and your interests!

See how many different people are wearing is one of the ways easier to build your personal style. Start noticing what you like, what you dislike, what you find interesting. Try it, see if it works on you too.

It is not necessary to limit yourself to one concept or the other. Getting caught in a style that can stop you from enjoy the joy of dress, see clothing and develop a visual of your own.

The street style kinda died, but I still like to follow one or the other profile to get ideas and see what is happening there.

These are the two that I like the most!

Na sua lista de “influenciadores” de moda masculina, coloque um ou outro perfil de street style para te ajudar a pensar fora da caixinha.


Although it helps a lot to know something about the rules, if dress is fully feeling.

The best way to build a casual wardrobe is to find visual inspiration where you can – films, scenes, music, historical archives, and lookbooks of fashion are places of departure easy.

The good news is that the U.S. issued a ton of this cultural production, then you just need to find a niche that speaks to you. The style of James Jonathan looks like a artist Hollywood american of the 1940s, and he put plenty of photos of people that serve as a source of inspiration.

The other that I’ve indicated here dress tailoring characteristic of the british or Italian. I like the more modest proportions of the cut of the years 50 that he seems to prefer (and mad men).

Sample legal how to find an inspiration from and replicate without fear of being happy! From the haircut to the glasses dark, everything exists on a date that is harmonic. Even though it looks old school too, have the “your” look without too much effort (it seems today that if you dress as a gentleman is to have a thousand fancy accessories accompanying the suit) is sensational and for the few!


Well simple…

Boots, many boots!

Seriously… just boot amazing.

Various Engineer Boots restored ancient, and a visual retro total!

Regardless of your style, always have something cool waiting for you at a thrift store that would fall like a glove in your wardrobe. The best, clothing the oldest add a bit of personality, help you build a style single, which not mounts only choosing what is in the most famous department stores.


Much of what he wears has a contemporary setting, even with the inspirations of vintage and workwear so strong. Another cool thing is that even though most of the clothes that it marks in the photos are new, the clothes could easily be found in thrift stores and vintage shops. After all, the brands they very in the clothes of the past. I’m in the middle repetitive, but lately that’s what I’m trying to do… use what I like, without becoming a caricature of cosplay, you know?

A basic idea that I picked up when I started following it was to limit my “look” to a piece by style. Example: if I have a jacket in the military, do not use a coturno. In place, wear a penny loafer or a shoe brogue. With a cut blazer retro, to combine a faded denim and a boot-heavy. Already with a boot more social, try a jeans as well as vintage.

This versatility you can achieve in your wardrobe by limiting the variation of colors, for example. You can also do this by choosing clothes that are not so far apart on the spectrum of chance. If you use a lot of chinos and boots, do not buy a blazer social. Choose a coat in a fabric with texture, a color, definitely casual, or a cut that makes it very clear that it is not a suit. It will be much easier to match with your pants chino!

I hope that you liked it! This is my list of 14 best profiles of the Instagram fashion for men that I recommend you follow to inspire your style and present new ideas in men’s fashion, according to my opinion in this moment.


Best Men’s Fashion Instagram Profiles To Follow

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Best Men’s Fashion Instagram Profiles To Follow

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