Back in the Memory: Stefanel – Lookbook & Campaign for Fall/Winter 2013

You need them simply, this reliable point of contact, which houses timeless pieces, without much fanfare, therefore and in the Trendjungle a bit of peace come to us. Granted, the Italian label Stefanel had become quiet and smuggled secretly somehow out of our head, ward no longer seen and also anywhere else took place. At least not with us. It’s a pity really, because Nike and I accepted the invitation of the Italian last week and once again were able to determine that the absence in our head seems anything but justified: timeless pieces meet on simple, Italian elegance and what we love but actually always so dear to the Swedes serve us.

Minimalist pieces, subtle details and muted tones, which themselves must not directly impose our counterpart. Has the traditional two trumps in the sleeve on top: Karlie Kloss campaign model and quality. It is namely not comparable so hyped Scandinavians that cuddly knits, soft cashmere and clever embroideries are just so indisputably good, that we should maybe but again more often squint to the Italians. Stefanel is not only known for her knitwear creations, it is also a great starting point for winter sweaters, ponchos and jackets. That we can get there but also something for posh events, Nike has told you already.

At our little tour through the boutique was directly struck: A knee-surrounded dress velvet flower meadow, the appropriate cloth, red pumps and opulent jewelry – Nikes “love at first sight” dress for the wedding of her cousin. I took me a particle with – you can find out what that is, soon.

But so much be said: If the cash cow still times over look, then we would attack among other things:

Kimono sweater in black/blue spotted cashmere sweater felt rock (online sold out, only to rise boutiques Stefanel) Jacquard dress with a floral pattern three knitting techniques form to a Cardigan. A jogging pants that don’t to unfashionably therefore comes. We can’t get enough of him: Swan dancing on a green surface.

Autumn/winter campaign with the enchanting Karlie Kloss reinforced our positive impression to Stefanel. None other than Mario Testino took the American model in front of the lens. The result: The typical, always-in-motion look meets Italian romance, location looks are once again proclaimed the cuddly Garant for freezing temperatures and autumn is heralded as wonderfully beautiful, that we could confidently aside the current April weather in August.

Single hook: the price. However, we are convinced that Stefanel is a life long pieces that are well worth their price – at least the quality, and the timeless designs for this call.

The press team was no slouch for this campaign and shows us a 360 degree view of their autumn/winter 2012 reply: campaign, behind-the-scenes, video look – everything together on their website in the Tumblr format. Succeeded, succeeded!