Bacteriological War, Always in Fashion

The truth is that I had to show you this because it’s the most kitsch that can exist in the world, it is not be gourmet or have lots of money. It is simply not to have anything to do with your time or your money. But the worst is that if they sell it, it is because someone buys it…Are who are will be bracing for the bacteriological war in the way more fashion?

Diddo Velema, a designer gas masks has decided that some of their customers probably want this appliance with the hologram of her favorite Designer, and has therefore added between the designs of its collection one white and the other black with monograms.

Louis Vuitton you have yours and even for who want more, there’s also one with brilliant applications in vents. So far the project only is made with motifs of exhibition, however do not doubt that someone will want to have it just in case. Don’t remember that long with the crisis of the flu in Hong Kong began to sell surgical face masks of Prada or Gucci, I remember.