Bags Faux Fur, The New Craze of Autumn

We began to see the last winter and possibly this year continue to accumulate points as a trend, the faux fur bags bright colors like mint or others more shutdowns as the land conquered several egobloggers which did not hesitate to wear them right and left, making looks with a twist.

The faux fur It happened to much of the winter coats – which will continue going strong this season – to be in skirts, maxi scarves, shoes and now also in bags.

It seems that memories of childhood and the eagerness to regain that furry Teddy together he slept has taken a new form, this time much more stylish and trendy, as they are the faux fur bags.

Handbags faux fur version low-cost

In addition, we can already find their cheaper versions in stores such as River Island, or Accessorize and at stores like Asos online.

  • Bag maxi in black leather and Gold River Island chain, for 50 euros.
  • Orange clutch from Asos, 11.43 euros.
  • In mint green of Asos clutch, by 15,71 EUR.
  • Backpack in black and white of Accessorize, 49,90 euros.

Photo | Fanny Lyckman, Lisa Olsson

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