Bags Garnets, The Madness in Complements [The 50 Arrows Fall]

This season the Maroon It is fashionable in all kinds of garments and accessories. It is a tone that I finished convincing but I recognise in shoes and bags is luxury. Today we will focus on Garnet bags, one of the sweethearts of the autumn, ideal to move away from the classic black.

Models shopping, for the day, petit version or clutch Prom dresses, Garnet tinges all models and all styles. From the classic version to the more fashion. Large, hand, bicoloured, with details in gold and even combined with other colors.

  • Two-coloured shopping bag of Tita Madrid 195,00 EUR
  • Bag with chain of Achilipú 64,00 EUR
  • Portfolio Achilipú 45,00 euros

I see it as the perfect substitute black This season. Change the usual color and you bring a lighter tone to your outfit. Larger models perfect for work, shoulder bags for an afternoon shopping or clutchs to show off at parties, weddings or looks at night.

  • Shoulder strap of Pains promise 99,00 EUR
  • Bag handle short dark Garnet of Accesorize 49,90 EUR.
  • Handbag Burberry Bloomsbury cpv
  • Bag handle long of Accesorize 147,00 EUR.

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