Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is world famous for its typical beaches that are filled all day by tourists and well-turned people. Here you can see the smallest swimsuit models that do not leave much to the imagination. The beaches are equally visited in the evenings with bars, music and parties and here many football players have started playing ball on the sand. In the article you can read about the 3 best beaches in or around Rio.


This is, together with Copacabana, Brazil’s most famous sandy beach and also has a solid shopping district behind it. Ipanema is also a district and is one of the more luxurious parts of Rio. The area is also considered one of the safest areas in the city. In the district there is also a lot of culture and theaters to go to.

According to Zipcodesexplorer, Ipanema forms a contiguous beach with Leblon and Arpoador. At the western end rise two giant cliffs. There are lifeguards here in several places, as the waves tend to be up to 3 meters high. It is therefore an ideal place for all surfers. The beach became best known when Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes wrote the bossa nova song “The girl from Ipanema”.


This is Rio’s most famous beach which has appeared in many songs and movies. Like Ipanema, it is also a district and has a 4 km long strip of beach. At the southern part you can see Copacabana Fort which is a military base with a museum and interesting history. Many events take place at Copacabana. Great artists have had concerts here and on New Year’s millions of people gather here to enjoy fireworks.

Here, football is played like never before and if you are hungry for another sport, you can play beach volleyball or surf. Copacabana probably has the planet’s most non-existent swimwear and a bunch of fashion-conscious sun worshipers. The more fit and plastic-operated you are, the more you fit into the gang.

Although the area is considered one of the finer, many robberies and a lot of street violence occur here at night. If you travel by car in Rio and especially on the beaches that are met by the favelas on the heights, you should always keep the car in motion, even at traffic lights if you feel that you are being persecuted. If you are then met by the police because you drove towards a red light, the police will see between your fingers if you say that you have a notch in your heel.

Costa Verde – the green coast

This coastal strip is located southeast of Rio and extends all the way to the border areas of São Paulo. It is 260 km long and if you have a car, you just must not miss this paradise of beaches and nature. Many believe that these beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. Along the way there are many picnic areas and fishing villages that serve all the delicacies of the sea on the menus. Along the coast are not only longer beaches but also a lot of lagoons and bays with the most turquoise water ever seen, surrounded by cooling palm trees and fishing boats. Not infrequently you have the feeling of being completely on an island in the South Seas, thanks to the calm atmosphere here.

And it is not just a beach that can catch the attention, but dozens of small grains of gold that make one stop. What could be a nicer alternative to the big beaches’ bikini models and surfers, than these small paradise places that can make the most stressed person relax? However, you must have a rental car to get here. Stopping by bus here and there is not recommended and takes far too long.

Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

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