Blake Lively Us Shows Their Latest Looks, between The Party and The Street with Which Te Quedas?

Not for, this girl doesn’t stop. In the last few days are having a ration extra’s the girls of Gossip Girl but I will not be who complained me. For me as if we are offered a new look to the day, always have something interesting to offer and quite stylish, especially Blake Lively.

As this life is always being in the moment and in the exact place, Blake Lively could not miss the U.S. Open where Rafa Nadal Champion has been. The photo of rigor to come out in the media already was made and now to something else.

In his tour of Manhattan saw a look 100% Lively, that Yes, no cleavage or anything, but with a short skirt well sexy and a blouse that for my taste unfilled the additions of pelilllo on the surface. A fairly restrained style for the star of Gossip Girl.

Before this and after his tenure with the Toronto Film Festival, where he was radiant, began the promotional tour for the film & #8216;The Town‘ and came to Boston. At the premiere that he offered us one of her looks which seeks to mix elegance and sensuality, hence the detail of lace at the neckline. A black dress classic but modern.

I liked it much more here than in the other look, perhaps because as I’ve come to see it in this way and the other way because there are enough famous who wear so.

With what style you stay you?