Cameron, Texas

According to Campingship, Cameron, Texas is a small town located in Milam County, Texas. It is situated about 50 miles northeast of Austin and just over 100 miles from Houston. The town lies along the Little River and has an elevation of 250 feet above sea level.

The geography of Cameron is characterized by rolling hills and prairies, with a few higher elevations around the town itself. The area receives ample rainfall throughout the year, allowing for abundant vegetation and lush landscapes.

The area surrounding Cameron is predominantly agricultural land with large fields of cotton, corn, sorghum, soybeans and other crops grown in the region. There are also several ranches that raise cattle in the area.

Cameron’s climate can be classified as humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature in summer months ranges from 80-90°F while winter temperatures usually remain between 40-60°F. Rainfall averages around 37 inches per year making it one of the wettest areas in Texas.

Cameron has several parks located within its city limits including Lake Cameron Park which offers camping sites, fishing spots and a playground for children to enjoy; as well as City Park which offers picnic tables, grills and a pool for public use during summer months.

Overall, Cameron is an ideal location for those looking to experience rural life with plenty of opportunities to explore nature while still being close enough to larger cities such as Austin or Houston for access to urban amenities when needed.

Cameron, Texas

Demographics of Cameron, Texas

Cameron, Texas is a small town located in Milam County with a population of around 6,000 people. The town has a diverse demographic with people from all walks of life residing there.

The majority of the population is Caucasian (72%), followed by African American (21%), Hispanic/Latino (3%) and Asian (2%). The average age of the population is 34 years old, with about half of the population under the age of 25.

The median household income in Cameron is $38,908 which is slightly lower than the US median household income. However, this figure has been steadily increasing over the past few years due to increased job opportunities in the area.

Education levels in Cameron are higher than average for Texas with almost 70% of adults having at least a high school diploma and 28% having a college degree or higher.

Cameron has a vibrant economy which is largely driven by agriculture and oil production. The town also has several businesses such as restaurants, retail stores and other service-oriented establishments which add to its economic stability.

Overall, Cameron is an ideal place for those looking for small-town life without sacrificing access to urban amenities such as education, healthcare and employment opportunities.

Industries of Cameron, Texas

Cameron, Texas is a small town located in Milam County with a population of around 6,000 people. The town has a thriving economy which is driven by several industries.

Agriculture is the main industry in Cameron, with the town being home to several farms specializing in corn, cotton, wheat and other crops. The town also has several cattle farms which contribute to its economic stability.

Oil production has also been a major part of the local economy for many years. This industry has provided many jobs and financial opportunities for the people of Cameron and still remains an important part of their economy today.

The retail sector has seen tremendous growth over the past few years due to an influx of new businesses and stores in the area. There are now multiple grocery stores, restaurants, retail outlets and other service-oriented establishments which provide employment opportunities as well as goods and services for locals and visitors alike.

The education sector is also important to Cameron’s economy as it provides numerous jobs for local teachers as well as other staff members at both public and private schools located in the city limits.

Lastly, tourism is becoming an increasingly popular industry in Cameron due to its proximity to larger cities such as Austin or Houston as well as its natural attractions such as Lake Cameron Park or City Park. These attractions draw tourists from all over who are looking for outdoor activities or simply a relaxing weekend getaway.

Road Network in Cameron, Texas

Cameron, Texas is a small town located in Milam County. It is served by two main roads – US Highway 77 and Texas State Highway 36. US Highway 77 is a north-south highway that runs through the center of the town and provides direct access to nearby cities such as Waco, Temple, and Austin. Texas State Highway 36 is an east-west highway that traverses the east side of Cameron and connects it to cities like Rockdale, Hearne, and Bryan. There are also several other smaller roads within the town that provide access to local businesses, schools, parks, and other amenities. These roads are generally well maintained and provide safe passage for pedestrians as well as vehicles. The city also has several bike lanes for cyclists who wish to explore its streets in a safer manner. Overall, Cameron’s road network is efficient and allows for easy access to all parts of the town as well as nearby cities.

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