Cecilia Ciganer Wedding Dress

If we were surprised by the early wedding of the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy and his new spouse, the singer Carla Bruni, now the turn of marriage is for Sarkozy’s ex, Cecilia Ciganer, that already it has married her lover, the multimillionaire Richard Attias, in The Rainbow Room club located in 64 plants and 65 of the mythical building Rockefeller Center New York. The truth that will mess of skirts and I believe that a vengeful wedding. But this does not interest us on Jezebel, but we need it to put in background.

What we want is the outfit of the protagonist. And is that Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, French birth, chose for the occasion an Italian home: Versace. But not one line either, but a Versace Atelier, the most exclusive of all lines of Versace. Rare is not eliiiera a French firm, which as great designers has, and it is not by looking down on the Italian firm.

His suit was of white silk in dusty pitch and asymmetrical neckline, as he points out the statement sent by the Italian House: “on the occasion of its link with Richard Attias, C├ęcilia Ciganer-Albeniz has chosen a dress by Versace Atelier. “The recent Lady Attias has worn a dress of a tone powdered silk cady, with one-shoulder neckline and an asymmetrical draping at the waist”.

We don’t have photographs and won’t be them, unless it is exclusive of through, so we will have to imagine. Sure that was very pretty because she is.



What Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife Wore to Her New York Wedding

What Sarkozy's Ex-Wife Wore to Her New York Wedding

Source: nymag.com

JPG: People: Christopher Peterson

JPG: People: Christopher Peterson

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