CPH Fashion Week: Stine Goya Opened “La Parade Merveilleuse” For The Summer 2013

Is the champion of the peplum and powder tones, perfected their craft season after season and relying on their romantic aesthetics – Yes, some people could claim that it could get bored after many years and the Dane should be on Stine Goya on previously unfamiliar realms. Nonsense, say we. Who manages each season on the new to hit the nail on the head and new Favorites to conjure up creation to creation, which should exactly do, according to which he is entitled to the point of – and seems also Goya woman’s Klein’s, fine recipe.

Since 2006 the young Mama know very precisely what loves their loyal following and changed only minimally concern their line – but with great results. La Merveilleuse () is her latest prank and we are, inevitably, volligst from the House. Complete looks that charm, delicate patterns, unobtrusive and at the same time so great therefore coming, as well as delicate gold swab, which probably measured especially make every look. Parade for Harlequins, psychedelic colors, enchanting Karusselprints, Pastel-colored squares and blurry circus figures for expressive colors and powder dreams!

La parade Merveilleuse invites us into a dreamy world – even then, if the mood not us to dream dancer looks: time gracefully, once posh, again once totally self-confident and then yet again simply just casual. Long silhouettes as well tell us to, such as collarless shirts, gilded button plackets, egg shapes and playful motifs.

only the Golden Panther prints and Harlequins not so mean to us, but who knows: maybe that is Yes also already again very different next summer!

Denim pants are all new with this for the upcoming summer season in the bright pink, in the delicate shade of green, black, or in the Caramelton. The matching shirts Madame Stine Goya delivers of course as well and conjures up prints, who remember blurred watercolor painting or just very discreetly flashed Harlequins.

Gilded masks, wild hair creations and as always, beautiful accessories that complete the entire collection. A well-deserved paragraph is of course due to the shoes: time slashed as with acne, even equipped with Güldener cap at the front top – the result is crying out for new Favorites. Not to forget, but the lace-up sandals are – which could next summer in any case again for calm to make! And anyway: we already know that our wallet will bleed very soon.

And you have already your “must have” discovered?