D Thread Marc Jacobs – Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

Taking place at the heart of a d cor in paper immacul invoke a few crooked houses, the pr collection feels e this Monday 13 February by Marc Jacobs paid tribute as well to the characters of Dickens in the inimitable style of the Italian Anna Piaggi…

Forgotten are the outfits already seen 2012 t slightly: this season, the little darling of Kate Moss returns with his excentricit l legendary through thousand looks leaves looks th Central invoke the d sheath of the Young Oliver Twist.

Between hats in fur (designed by the talented Stephen Jones) s surdimensionn, shoes recalling those of the p res pilgrims of Plymouth, accumulations of pi these d pareill and fire floor pants, it’s indeed a dress code for the least azimuth that constitutes the vagabond chic of Marc Jacobs.

Pretend have been pioch are within some l. locker room elegant eccentric, the opulent color frocks are cover so skirts leather damass overlooking of the Corsairs in satin, while oversize closed sheets are by a large pinholes nurse come r heat printed fond ball mid-calf length dresses s tapestries.

In the m me time, paisley patterns to d Songbird all-out, straight skirts, charpes and other jackets col Claudine worked in the wool wreath, while dresses become swollen hips and bow to top on the size (Rep. so the aesthetic tick westwoodienne).

Face this oversize volumes and textures h t roclites bauche d, it is hard to imagine how Marc Jacobs clients can avoid becoming one Victorian… less well s r agree to consume this collection sparingly.

Port s solo sheet int e gr coats (or fur brod e iridescent tiles), dresses right in grammar Marc Jacobs and other res bi-mati jackets should indeed be able to find their place within the winter wardrobes. Not to mention rhinestone shoes “Pilgrim” wearing leather of ostrich and loops, which will not fail to find fleets at the heart of the fashion intelligentsia. What r answer all in all quite easily the question e pos by the soundtrack of the wire d *…