D Wire Christopher Kane – Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

Pass master in art to transcend the bad taste, her Scottish Christopher Kane made once again call for the autumn/winter 2012/2013 of the unusual influences, subversion and doubtful printed o live dangerously…

D leaving the falsely candid atmosphere of her summer wardrobe, Christopher Kane is sinking this season at the heart of the underground New York d painted by the film “Cruising”. Shooting of the novel by Gerald Walker, this m long film released in 1980 traces the hunt for a serial gay killer in the heart of the red light district of Meatpacking district.

This atmosphere trash, o Imaging SM and creepy places is t lescopent on bottom of horrific murders, the creator Scottish retrieves the locker room fantasies of a young woman evolving in the unhealthy torpor of the nocturnal environment.

ls where, textures moir Leopard printed shots are (making reference those covering the inside of the coffins), of violets ent tants, red h hemoglobin and leather SM, Kane book so transgressive compositions, flirting openly with the bad taste.

Yes but now, if over the d Wire Wall Street of the first passages scratches retain their DNA unattractive Beetlejuice, while the Leopard purple poster l always a questionable look, the Versus DA only manages no less make us see the potential undreamt NSB of never thought r dhibitoire.

Between the fabrics edge iridescent zinzolin’re bias leather rembourr who manage win legitimacy aesthetic tick via nerd-sexy volumes and flowers banally res outranci when r temp are by wise res coli passes, the first degree if vapore so little bit, c during place bold – d need to be always successful r – left took stylistic.

It is however that when he starts turning her collages floral t 2012 in embroidery canvas and plastic son Kane manages truly f d rer. Also rich and intense, the pi those benefiting from this treatment n b broadcast indeed a fashion appeal, no doubt, and this even more when they are associated with are a few d lav s wide jeans, jackets in Velvet inspired, wallets brod’re boots scratch leather and other large sweaters knitted scoubidou.

As many attractive elements that would allow Christopher Kane to continue – despite its chapp are goth-trivial season – figure prominently on the wish list of the fashionistas…