Discovered: Olga Sage – the Poison Collection

Kathrin Olga Weiser was born in 1985 and lives in a world somewhere between the kaleidoscopic explosions of colour and Cologne. Since her graduation, she works at the Maastricht Academy of fine arts as a hired fashion designer for large companies; Fortunately demanded her heart but after more: 2012, she eventually founded her own label Olga Weiser and thus makes us completely in love.

Prints and I, we are friends indeed only rarely. Too boring, too catchy, weird anti harmonies on the color choice, funny ugly animal prints. Run away, most of the time. All the more strange that I suddenly like fish, and, although almost nothing in the world is so much irrational fear for me. Miss Sage combines two King disciplinary but sent with each other to that nothing more is left to us, as us by all the silk, the neon rib contrasts and printed artworks, this perfectionist color aesthetics around the finger wrap namely the illustration and the fashion draw,.

On the website of Qvest we know moreover that Kathrin Olga Weisers illustrations as a limited print edition are available for 40 Euronen. Now I must decide just yet: I’d rather have the fish on the wall or hang in the closet?
Important to know: the latest collection “poison” is produced and manufactured exclusively in and around Cologne. Still a plus.
here go to the website of the designer. If you are interested in one of the shirts you should write an email to contact@our site, an online shop not that unfortunately still exists. Great mourning. You should urgently take up Voo Berlin, the creations of this young lady in your range.