Documentation Tip: Boss Woman: Anna Wintour

To be honest, I get can’t get enough of this woman: Anna Wintour – the most powerful and feared Lady of the fashion industry, the Lady with the always same hairstyle and the so inscrutable facial expression. Since the box-office hit “the Devil Wears Prada” is known far beyond their industry and outlaw, loved, is idolized, hated being taken seriously, and laughed at. There are numerous documentaries and biographies about the editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, about their career path and even occasionally on personal impressions, it provides us – but I’m not enough simply.

On the tracks to this figure of Wintour, after the wiesowannwie? Can we spend hours trying to get to know her, and a documentary was us but in fact hitherto unknown: Boss Woman: Anna Wintour.

Thanks to Kalinka.Kalinka we were attention but production on this BBC and Miss Wintour not only again experience a new side, but get just a flashback in the 00s!

Although our Anna thirst for this 50 minute post is still not always satisfied, he brings a piece of us but closer to this mysterious person. Maybe we want to understand the most important woman of the Modebiz and recreate a piece of their work, perhaps it is also this typical and natural voyeurism, which lies dormant in almost every one of us. Exactly, we don’t know what fascination there lies dormant within us.

In any case on a very personal journey is pleased with Anna Wintour to various fashion shows, in the Office of Vogue on scores of their privacy, more background info to her career and her balancing act between hell and loving mother!