Double Cover of Vogue Paris June/July 2008, NoeMie Lenoir or Laetitia Casta?

Two months, two covers. The French edition of Vogue always aims to bring together in a single number these first months of summer, for what that in July, people start to have the head more start during the holidays than in anything else. It does the same thing in December and January, and does not seem a bad thing, it is clear that the contents at Christmas or during the summer, usually quite lower in volume and quality.

In fact, it is not the only publication that opts for this option, Nylon and the version teenager Of American Vogue, they follow the same trail. I don’t know if it is a business decision at the commercial level, but certainly yes seems a logical and fair election for both readers and those who make the magazine.

This time is not only double the content but the cover, as did the Spanish edition of Vogue in may, given a choice. An ultra sexy Noemie Lenoir in all its splendor, or the always fantastic Laetitia Casta, It seems that it is not but it always comes back. Both French, both photographed with identical looks (presumably from Chanel) by Mario Testino, and both, girls L’ OrĂ©al. The result of chance?