Entertainment and Attractions of Vatican City

Fans of massive structures, as well as fans of the opera, will be in awe of Sant’Angelo, one of the most majestic and outstanding historical buildings in Rome. It dates back to 135 and was originally the Mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian. After numerous medieval outbuildings and superstructures, the castle acquired a modern look, including the famous balcony with a colonnade, from where the inconsolable Tosca rushed. Opening hours from 9:00 to 18:30, closed on Mondays. An audio guide is offered.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Vatican City is 825 (2019).

For lovers of outdoor walks, we advise you to walk through the luxurious Vatican Gardens and climb Monte Mario Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the Vatican and Rome. Don’t forget comfortable shoes.

One of the best ways to see everything in the Vatican and not miss anything is to join an organized tour organized by the local municipality.

  • Do I need to buy a ticket to the Vatican to see St. Peter’s Square and the Sistine Chapel
  • What is the best way to buy tickets to the Vatican: in advance or on the spot

Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are some of the most remarkable and extensive in the world, best known for their magnificent rooms with paintings by Raphael and the frescoes by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. To understand the halls and not miss anything interesting, we recommend purchasing a plan guide or using an audio guide at the entrance. Due to the long queues, it is recommended to book a visit in advance. To get to the Sistine Chapel, you need to go through all the halls of the museums (about 1 hour). It is forbidden to photograph its interior, neither with a flash nor without it. Well, when you exit the Vatican Museums, another masterpiece awaits you – a luxurious spiral marble staircase.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the cheerfully dressed soldiers of the Swiss Guard, who since 1506 have been guarding the peace and security of the Vatican. The colorful striped form also comes in summer and winter colors. By the way, this is the smallest and oldest army in the world.

Cathedral of St. Peter

Cathedral of St. Peter – the main attraction not only of the Vatican, but also of Rome surrounding it. It got its name from the tomb of the Apostle Peter, presumably located on this site. This is a grandiose cathedral, inside which the largest temples in Europe can fit – to make sure of this, look for special marks on the floor marking their sizes. The height of the dome of the cathedral is 136 m, and the length of the central nave is 211 m. Outside and inside its walls, you can see numerous masterpieces – from marble statues of Christ and the apostles to monuments to statesmen and majestic tombstones, including over the resting place of Pope John Paul II. Pay attention also to the amazing “Pieta” by Michelangelo. You can climb to the top of the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral (a little cheaper on your own or a little more expensive by elevator). Expect 1 hour round trip.

Such great artists as Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli and Bernini lived and worked in the Vatican.

St. Peter’s Cathedral is open from 9:00 to 19:00 in summer and until 18:00 in winter. On Wednesday morning the cathedral is closed for papal audiences. Photography is only allowed without a flash.

The oval square of St. Peter is located right in front of the cathedral of the same name. The central obelisk was moved here by the emperor Caligula from Egypt in 37 in honor of the construction of the circus of Nero (where the apostle Peter was martyred thirty years later). Pay attention also to the picturesque and very “fluffy” fountains.

If you stand on any of the two stones located on both sides of St. Peter’s Square, the four columns on the opposite side of the colonnade will merge into one.

Rules for visiting the Vatican

At the entrance to the Vatican, a standard security check is carried out – guests pass through the frame, things are sent to the screening tape. Those who have weapons, knives, sharp, piercing metal objects (they can even find fault with a nail file), as well as alcohol, psychotropic, narcotic substances, medicines in large quantities, pungent, coloring, poisonous substances, are not allowed into the territory. pornography and materials that contribute to inciting any kind of conflict.

You cannot enter the Vatican in clothes that do not cover your shoulders, knees, and stomach. Guests of any gender are not allowed in shorts, tank tops, skirts above the knees, short T-shirts, transparent or torn clothes. Women may wear trousers and bare their heads.

Large bags, suitcases, backpacks, umbrellas, canes, tripods will be forced to hand over to the storage room. You should not take water and other liquids in glass bottles with you, most likely they will be asked to leave them at the entrance.

In the Vatican, you can not only smoke, but also set fire to a cigarette. For violation – a fine of 30 EUR.

On the territory of the Vatican, you can take pictures with and without a tripod, but there are restrictions inside the museums. Filming is strictly prohibited in the Sistine Chapel. In St. Peter’s Basilica and other museums, you can take photos, but without a flash and a tripod.

Attractions of Vatican City

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