Face for Mulberry, Promise to Be Faithful to The Rest of My Days

Yesterday I already anticipate the news: the signature English Mulberry It fell (more) yielded to the foot of face Delevingne and we aware that today would be presented a bag on your behalf. But the surprise was pleasant: a Face for Mulberry collection where different types of bags I fall in love more, and more. As it could not be otherwise, that transgressive touch who much like the model, is present at all times.

Full collection

Padded, prints or tacking. What version would you choose? The truth is that I decide I one only. I admit, I have fallen in love with me all and I’d like to have the six in my cupboard.

But that touch Delevingne it comes when the classic models have the possibility of being Hung like backpacks It was (as like the model look). These contrasts are cool, and make them still more irresistible.

And how we show yesterday, in the foot of each of them they are tattooed with the same Made in England of the top model. Do you think the? final result?