Grandvalira, Andorra

The Grandvalira ski area is a valley that connects several resorts: Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, El Tarter, Soldeu, Encamp (Encamp) and Canillo (Canillo).

Grandvalira has trails for skiers of all levels, as well as cross-country skiing areas, several freestyle areas, halfpipe, boardercross areas. A single ski pass is valid on all Grandvalira slopes.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Andorra is 77,354 (2021).

How to get there

Andorra does not have its own airport, and the nearest ones are located in neighboring Barcelona (220 km), Toulouse (195 km), Carcassonne (176 km), Girona (260 km), Reus (240 km) and Lleida (150 km). From the airports of Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Valencia and Madrid, buses of the Nadal-Eurolines company run to Andorra, and Hispano Igualadina from Reus. And from the airports of Barcelona, ​​​​Girona and Toulouse – Novatel buses.

Andorra also does not have its own railway station. The nearest station is located in the French town of Hospitalet, 3 km from the border with Andorra, from where regular Hispano Andorrana buses run to Pas de la Casa. In addition, Andorra can be reached by bus Viatges Montmantell and Alsina-Graells from the railway station in Lleida.

By car

Traveling from Spain, take the C-145 from Lleida, then follow the C-16 through the Cadi tunnel or the town of Puigcerda to Seu d’Urgell, 30 km from Encamp.

Traveling from France, you should take the N-22 road, which crosses the border with Andorra at Pas de la Casa.


Bus transportation in Andorra is carried out by the local company Cooperativa Interurbana Andorrana, all 8 lines (or routes) of which run through the capital of the Principality of Andorra la Vella. Buses run every 30 minutes, and the fare varies from 1.50 EUR to 5.50 EUR. Line L4 connects Encamp, Canillo and Soldeu, while line L5 connects Encamp, Canillo and Pas de la Casa.


All six resorts, ringed around Grandvalira, have a developed infrastructure that allows you to accommodate everyone.


El Raco Del Park restaurant offers not only excellent regional cuisine, but also stunning panoramic views. The restaurant is located in close proximity to the Funicamp ski lift.

The Roc De Les Bruixes restaurant in Canillo is considered one of the most highly rated restaurants thanks to its blend of French, Andorran and Pyrenean cuisines, as well as its view of the Valle del Forn.

In El Tarter, there is an Italian restaurant La Trattoria, where they cook delicious pizza, pasta and risotto right in front of visitors, and another restaurant, Mercat Del Pi, with a unique architecture and interior, which is considered one of the newest in Grnadvalira. The restaurant serves traditional dishes of rice, paella and fideua.

At 2,250 meters above sea level in Soldeu, Gall De Bosc Steakhouse serves grilled, stewed, fried or oven-baked meats with various sauces.

In Grau Roig, it is worth visiting the restaurant Llac De Pessons, located at an altitude of 2,350 meters on the shore of a natural lake, and on the pass separating Pas de la Casa from Grau Roig, at an altitude of 2,600 meters, the Coll Blanc restaurant with panoramic 360 degree view. In addition to restaurants, Grandvalira has self-service restaurants.

Grandvalira slopes

The Grandvalira ski area has 112 slopes of varying difficulty: 19 green, 39 blue, 30 red, 24 black, equipped with 66 lifts.

  • Encamp: 1 green, 4 blue and 3 red pistes, 4 lifts.
  • Canillo: 3 green, 1 blue, 1 black pistes, 7 lifts.
  • El Tarter: 3 green, 7 blue, 5 red, 4 black runs, 11 lifts.
  • Soldeu: 6 green, 14 blue, 5 red, 7 black slopes, 16 lifts.
  • Grau Roig: 3 green, 10 blue, 11 red, 8 black pistes, 16 lifts.
  • Pas de la Casa: 3 green, 3 blue, 5 red, 4 black runs, 12 lifts.

The highest peak in Grandvalira is Tossal de Lallosada (2560 m), and the entire ski area is located on two levels: upper and lower. The upper level is located at an altitude of 2000 to 2500 meters and is represented by high-mountain trails of any difficulty level. The lower level is located at an altitude of 1700 to 2000 meters and is represented mainly by forest trails, closed from the wind.

The resort of Pas de la Casa is located at a mountain pass on the border with France, and the local slopes will appeal to anyone: difficult slopes with a large vertical drop lie in the upper part of the valley, and more gentle and even trails pass at the foot of the mountain.

Soldeu is located in the central part of Andorra at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The resorts of Soldeu and El Tarter are located 3 km from each other and are united by ski slopes and cable cars. In addition, these two resorts are connected by a lift to Canillo. The slopes of Soldeu and El Tarter are laid through picturesque forests and are more suitable for skiers of an average level of skiing.

The resort of Pas de la Casa is located at a mountain pass on the border with France, and the local trails will appeal to anyone: difficult descents with a large vertical drop lie in the upper part of the valley, and more gentle and even trails pass at the foot of the mountain.

A ski pass for 1 day of skiing in the high season will cost 50 EUR / 34 EUR per adult / child under 11 years old. For 6 days of skiing – 264.60 EUR / 175.80 EUR.

Entertainment and attractions of Grandvalira

The main attraction of the resort town of Canillo is the Palau de Gel ice palace, which is a sports complex with an indoor skating rink, designed not only for various competitions, but also for recreation.

3 things to do in Grandvalira

  1. Check in a bar in each of the six Grandvalira resorts a week in advance.
  2. Create your own ski route from Encamp to Pas de la Casa. At the same time, you need to have time to return to Encamp before the lifts close at 16:45, otherwise you will have to get to the hotel by bus.
  3. Conquer the highest peak of the Andorran Pyrenees, climbing on a lift to a height of 2520 m above sea level. The main thing is to be able to go down from there!

Encamp has a car museum, which displays about 100 cars produced between 1898 and 1950, as well as a large number of rare bicycles and motorcycles.

Not far from Encamp, in the village of Les Bons, there is the historical complex of Sant Roma de les Bons, consisting of a 12th-century church, a 13th-century watchtower, a water tower, an irrigation canal and the remains of a late 13th-century fortress, according to historians, belonging to the counts Fua. The church is dedicated to St. Roman of Caesarea (Antioch) and designed in the Romanesque style. The church has a rectangular nave and a semicircular Lombard-style apse. The interior is represented by a stone altar and reproductions of paintings in the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The paintings depict the apocalyptic visions of Saint John (12th century) and Saint Peter (16th century). Unfortunately, the historical complex is open for tourists only from July to August, and in winter it can only be viewed from the outside.

Grandvalira, Andorra

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