Hint: Using the Coat of Smoking in Different Outfits Casual

Rare are the moments in which a tuxedo is really necessary, even more in Brazil, a country so accustomed to relax the dress code even on formal events. Therefore, if you have a costume black-tie, kept in the closet and suspects that he will not see the light of day anytime soon, there are options to use the jacket with pieces casual that will serve to for parties or clubs, and that can give a “up”on your look. See some of them below:

Hint Using the Coat of Smoking in Different Outfits Casual

Totally casual, this combination uses simple parts that the majority of men have in the wardrobe: a white t-shirt with print cool and dark pants that can be in twill, denim or fabric to resin. The combo serves very well for that bar sophisticated, to be accompanied by friends or girlfriend.

If the party is fancy, but not enough for the black tie complete, hold the trousers of the tuxedo, but change the white shirt for a color version, and stylish, accompanied by a scarf combining, and leave the bowtie at home. The look is elegant and sophisticated with a casual twist.

The jeans destroyed, and the vest with a footprint glam rock make an interesting contrast with the suit jacket and the white shirt accompanied by a bow tie. It is the kind of look that would get featured in a feast at a very young age, packed by a lot of music.

The model without the lapel shawl satin is a little rare, in the compensation space for the use of the workpiece during the day. The combination may be simple, but not careless: add a basic t shirt, a slim fit jeans with little wash, and then close the combo with beautiful accessories and good quality, as the suggestion of the photo.

The model with lapel spire can be combined with jeans, shirt and social tie skinny for a cocktail party or dinner, ask for elegance, but little formality.

Many brands purposely fall blazers with a guy smoking in his collection. The colors range from neutral black, grey and navy to the more daring such as burgundy, violet and green, which opens up a range of combinations huge with jeans, chinos and tailoring. The tip is to use them to find the tone of the footwear that will be used.

As mentioned above, stores and designer labels have noticed the appeal of this kind of piece and have the blazers with the same modeling and details of a suit jacket tuxedo, but with the advantage of being sold separately. See below for some examples:

The coat chess with finish in satin moves between the chic and the trendy, if worn with tailored pieces creates a visual original for a wind night.

This version with the chess most is totally random, asking for a pair of chino or jeans. Save this combination with tie crochet shirt and clear, she works in the day and allows you to travel for a multitude of environments that require a man well dressed and stylish!

The example that most differs from other can also become the most dour if combined only with tailoring. To break a little bit seriously, open hand of the shirt smooth, but be careful that the pattern does not fight with the blazer. The necktie super skinny clash with a little bit of the lapels wide, but can be considered a freedom, fashion, and perhaps it is there just for contrast.

Stores such as Zara and Topman sell the part separately, but there is no guarantee that you will find the blazer in the collection current, the tip is to give a requested from time to time until you end up finding. On the internet it is also possible to find something of the sort, just a search on Google for a list of options (look for “men tuxedo blazer”).

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