H&M and Zara Lead Fast-Fashion Invasion

Difficult to ignore the “fast fashion” and its major brands that offer us  in crazy price trends and essential basic of which we can not do without. So how to sort through all this? The materials are sometimes questionable, the rough cuts, but of course there are good: prices and sometimes pretty little wonders . Let the right pieces to take and which to avoid at two of these major brands: H & M and Zara.

First tip, which at first seems quite logical, cabin in the fitting. Do not say “it’ll be me because this is my height,” “if it does not I can change.” It is absolutely necessary try to see how the garment falls, this step is critical!

To remember while reading this article, we look for pieces that make you forget the sign , one should not suspect that this is a gorgeous little dress Zara.

To Avoid

Generally speaking, and as discussed above, avoid too basic pieces at H & M as well in form and in color , and more specifically those:

-The jeans

The jeans are often cheap at H & M, more jeans is a basic element of wardrobe.You do not need to own a lot, but put the budget on the purchase of your jeansso that you make nice legs and buttocks. As you know, several forms of jeans available, choose it according to your figure. If you lost level choice of jeans, I also wrote an article on this topic: how to choose the right jeans.

-The Tight dresses,

The slinky dresses, basic style in neutral colors like black, beige or gray whether winter dresses or summer dresses are avoided. Firstly because it is often on color and basic forms that poor quality is quickly detected . Second, because theyare badly cut and often poorly finished it crying immediately H & M.

-The Shoes and bags

Often of poor quality and poorly designed, the leather goods and shoes are not the strong point of H & M . They are often in imitation leather, the shoes are so sore feet and do not let them breathe. These objects are too often poorly finished, I do not recommend, except barefoot summer that by the fact that they do not have much material can be worn without ruining their feet!

-The Colors not to take.
-The Black in low silky materials like cotton

The black color may seem like a facility. Think again: a black garment poor is more cheap than another color .

-The Colors H & M

Avoid colors H & M, I mean the colors H & M boasts years as mustard or a little faded fuchsia. If you had not noticed these color range, open the eye, they are often part of color choices in models of variations. Do not choose those colors that are too H & M, rather bet on good basic cream, gray or printed.


The Spanish brand is also on the lookout for the latest trends, but can be in u n chic style, fashion less than H & M . Therefore Zara holds good in its basic design.The lines are more refined and less crazy than H & M, the brands complement so well with each other. My advice, play two ranges for a successful style.

To Adopt

-The shoes

Zara offers a wide selection of shoes each season all kinds.

The design is mostly the very successful time , the materials used are also comfortable to wear. It is better to focus leather for comfort. Bare feet with heels through to tennis, linger on the shoes, they are often distributed along the hangers both in height and is level with your foot. So open the eye, as they are sometimes not clearly visible. The price / quality ratio of Zara shoes is very interesting.

-The shorts

For summers, Zara offers a wide selection of all shorts prettiest each other.Whether for the beach or for a black shorts a little more structured, feel free to leave in search of the perfect shorts from Zara . The choice is vast, so do not get lost in what was your first purchase intent. The perfect wardrobe in my opinion should contain several shorts in jeans, a low waist and high waist jeans and several shades (crude and washed, faded understand). For summer evenings nothing better than pretty textured shorts, patterned gingham printed or tropical mixed with a light blouse.

-The bags

Zara bags are generally of good quality. Prefer leather bags even if their prices are a little higher , or else the cloth bags, a little more casual. Escape the faux-leather bags, especially those that appear on one of the charms of the Zara bag logo . Once again, here we try to pretend it’s a designer bag and not the reverse!

-The Jackets and coats

Jackets and coats from Zara are often cut and know how to play textures to provide a wide range of choices. Whether for a casual denim jacket in summer or for a little more corporate jacket for work, you will find your choice! Make sure the jacket is fitted at the shoulders , there is the most important. I also recommend the kimono style jackets that are a bit more opaque and can be worn with many things such as denim shorts summer or a dress and tights in winter overcoat.

-The Basic stitches

Summer and winter, you will find a selection of comfortable mesh Zara . They are easier to wear than it looks! Choose them in basic colors cream or gray with a touch of color if the mood takes you. They are easily worn with jeans or slim trousers because they have a slightly loose fit, perfect to hide any curvaceous hips . For a more sophisticated look, pair your mesh to a skater skirt, taking care to get the mesh in your skirt. Some stitches may be a little transparent, above the B cup, wear a camisole and end of the same hue as the mesh below it.

To Avoid


Zara pants are often too long. They carve evil. Unless you fall on the gem, I recommend them to you. Buying a beautiful pants can be done in a little more upscale shops.

-The ZARA logo

Zara has sometimes l was annoying habit of displaying its logo on t-shirts or accessories such as sunglasses or bags. Flee the pieces that appear because as explained above, it is not necessary to know that you dress in the large Spanish chain!

After this little focus H & M and Zara, I hope you will sort and separate things in order to derive maximum benefit from your experience in these major retailers.


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