How to Get to Heviz, Hungary

Heviz is located 190 km from Budapest, which means that first you need to get to the Hungarian capital by plane, train or bus. The trip from there to the resort takes about 3-4 hours, you just need to choose the right vehicle. There is no railway station in Heviz itself, the nearest one is in the city of Keszthely, which is 5 km from the lake. Trains from Budapest (from the South and East stations) depart regularly, the ticket price is from 3900 HUF one way, the schedule can be found at the office. website of the Hungarian Railways (in English). It will not be difficult to get from Keszthely to Heviz: buses run frequently, tickets – from 400 HUF, travel time – 20 minutes. Prices on the page are for July 2022. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Hungary.

The railway and bus stations in Keszthely are located on the same square, so you definitely won’t get lost when transferring.

In addition, the city has its own the airport, although it does not accept direct flights from Moscow.

Another way to get to Heviz is by bus. Routes from the capital belong to the company Volanbusz (off. site in English) – the main Hungarian long-distance carrier. Buses depart from Nepliget Station and reach their destination within 3 hours. The intervals of movement depend on the season, the ticket price is 2090 HUF one way.

You can also get to Heviz by a car rented in Budapest (from 8000 HUF per day plus gasoline). The road will take 2-3 hours and will run along the most beautiful highways in the vicinity of Lake Balaton.


Heviz is a small town, so you have to walk between the hotel, the lake, restaurants and sights. And this is only for the best: walking through the picturesque countryside in pleasant weather is a very special pleasure. But if you want to explore the surroundings, public transport is indispensable. Most routes to neighboring cities – Tapolca, Siofok, Martsali – run through Keszthely. There is a railway station, a bus station and a pier, from where pleasure boats regularly leave for literally all settlements on the coast of Lake Balaton.

A boat trip from Keszthely to Balatonlelle or Szigliget will cost from 3500 HUF round trip.

If necessary, you can use the services of a taxi by finding a parking lot in the center or calling a car by phone.

It is also pleasant to explore Heviz and nearby sights on a bicycle. Moreover, a new HeBi rental system has recently been launched here: several automatic stations have appeared in the city where you can rent a bike. To begin with, you will have to look at the Turinform office for a special plastic card, leaving a deposit. When leaving Heviz, you can return the card and get the full amount back. Card holders can take a bike to any of the stations and travel around the city up to 4 hours a day.

Heviz Hotels

Several dozen hotels are open on the coast of Lake Heviz, almost all of them with high-quality rooms, excellent service and modern health improvement opportunities. Most of the hotels are 3-4 * categories, the most fashionable is Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa, so far the only “five” in the resort. The rate usually includes breakfast or half board. Therapeutic procedures – baths, silt wraps, massages, etc. – for an additional fee.

A room in a 3 * hotel within a 5-minute walk from the lake will cost from 35,000 HUF per day. In hotels of a higher class, you can stay for 20,000 HUF per day. For a vacation in a luxurious “five” you will need to pay from 85,000 HUF per night. An alternative to hotels is apartments in private houses and family hotels.

The voltage in the electrical network in Heviz, as in all of Hungary, is 230 V, the sockets are the usual European ones, type C and F, which do not require an adapter.

Rent a Car

There is only one car rental in Heviz, owned by the international company Hertz. You can also rent a car at Sarmellek Airport in the vicinity of Lake Balaton. Renting an economy class model will cost from 20,000 HUF, a standard car – from 28,000 HUF, an SUV – from 34,300 HUF per day. Discounts are available for contracts for several days. The list of required documents includes a driver’s license (driving experience – at least 1 year) and a passport, in addition to the full prepayment, the distributors also require a deposit. The price of gasoline in Hungary is 768.8 HUFfor 1 liter The roads in the vicinity of Heviz are of high quality, the views from the window are breathtaking, there are no traffic jams, there will be no problems with parking – in other words, carte blanche for fans of independent travel.

Communication and Wi-Fi

There are no mobile phone offices in Heviz, you will have to connect in Budapest or neighboring Keszthely. You have to choose from 3 main operators: Telenor, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Their prices are about the same, you need a passport when applying. The balance can be replenished via the Internet, as well as at any gas station, at a press kiosk or post office.

In the center of Hévíz there are several payphones from which it is convenient to make calls both within Hungary and abroad. T-Com cards are sold at newsstands and post offices. From 20:00 to 8:00 there are discounts for all negotiations.

It is better to look for free Wi-Fi in hotel lobbies, cafes and restaurants: signs on the windows will not let you make a mistake. There is no Internet cafe in the town, so for safety reasons it is worth connecting a SIM card with mobile traffic.

Heviz, Hungary

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