In Brief Start The Fashion Weeks and The Past of Chiara Ferragni Reminds Us of His Great Change

Once they told me that if in a few years see in the images now disguised It is then you were going to fashion. And the success of Chiara Ferragni is sometimes not understood with according to what looks from the beginning. And Yes, perhaps at the time liked, but the fashion weeks have changed a lot for her. And is that you cared not before his image as does it now. The reason? Looks like these.

Betting on black

Not only his physical appearance and his great weight loss is impacting their Exchange. His style has changed a great deal over the years, and if before trying to be modern with garments that all could have in our closet, now its modernity is based on exclusive items and signatures inaccessible.

Black was present in each one of their looks, and combined with other striking hues as the shades of metallic or printed style Leopard or floral.

Attachments already had importance in their daily lives. But if you now opt for wide-brimmed hats, then emulated to Blair Waldorf with crowns of large loops or sunglasses style (those cat Alexander Wang (marked a before and an after). No can blame you nothing, who not wore a similar snap on occasion…?

It seems that fashions pass, but the images are there to remind us that all passé is too much for the * body *.