Just Ask God That No One Clone These Sandals, If The Make Will Be Wonderful!

There are so special and wonderful garments It should be unique. Today when the clones are the order of the day in all the signatures and even copy you a great brand “low-cost” is a sign of success for some designers it is very difficult to move away from that. But a too cloned garment can pass special to boring and it is precisely what cannot occur with this wonder.

They are one Sabot Sandals of silk, the firm No21 and we can find them in different colors and even adorned with a large gemstone brooch. Already caught attention on the catwalk last September but has been seeing them to different guests at the international fashion weeks when everyone (including me) have fallen rendered.

They may seem a little complicated and even a little corny but I think that they are really wonderful. That Yes as we find a bad clone of them soon and become fashionable now won’t make any sense done with the Italian firm.