Leave Your Husbands, a New Concept for Shopping

Not all men like fashion, and much less than shopping. So for some to be able to drag their boyfriends, husbands, fathers and other male figures is almost like make the mountains come to Muhammad. He stressed to them, bored them, tired them and for anything in the world can go through the same store twice.

In the end the battle ends with a huge fight when none slae triumphant, because one does not buy anything of what it sought and he ends up trying to kill himself with the first hanger that is. Well don’t worry more because to avoid those egregious enfrentones, dimes and bickering and both can do what they want without giving up something else shopping centre Gran Via 2, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona, it offers us a very wise and practical solution: Leave your husbands.

There kids can relax carrying bags, entertain reading or watching television and forget their wives for a while, while we we focus on ours. By now the area of the shopping centre, the result of the participation of clients in the contest and why not? through the network, It is equipped with sofas, watch and press. But leave your husbands arises much more.

According to the direction of the complex will gradually incorporate new services. No doubt that in a few months they convene there to watch the football or play with the Playstation and they end up socializing rather than one with vendors.

The most funny is that contrary to social clichés and the Saints that we have loaded as compulsive buyers, There are women who also make use of the service. Because, if there are some men that take centuries to choose between a cowboy and dress pants, and are worse than the most consummate shopper.


War clock.: Nothing else coming, Father, into your hands I …

War clock.: Nothing else coming, Father, into your hands I ...

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