Lily Cole Inspires in Botswana

Although some do not create it, the models are more than a cute face, there are titles of Harvard, Stanford and other great universities of prestige and international fame like them. So much so that some such as Lily Cole even engage in very unique causes.

The model studied in Cambridge University in collaboration with an anthropologist friend yours that I took classes in one of the unviersidades oldest in the world, Dr. James Suzman launched San Arts and Crafts.

It is a project based on a study on people San who lives in the desert of the Kalahari in Botswana, which use shells of oysters as canteens, i.e. to save the most precious treasure in the desert. But the model thinking as such and more after being the face of Accesorize had the bright idea of these shells would be great as necklaces for the trendy London and think a line of jewelry with earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Lily told Vogue Uk: “when I was travelling through Botswana, I fell in love of these women and their extraordinary but primitive working methods, I started to look for some way in which could help them. Each piece can take up to four months to be made and the goal of the project is to return to the self-sufficient Community”.

Care that Angelina Lily you the heels.