Looks That We Would like to See in The Fashion Weeks. Courtesy of Miroslava Duma

Brand new the month of September meaning is many things: we left behind the era of Sun, heat and do nothing lying in a hammock; signatures appear with new and do original? proposals; and the fashion insiders give us new ideas for our selves more daring. If so, when? During the Fashion weeks. And as in a few days it will be beginning the of New York, Today we focus attention on Miroslava Duma and their best proposals.

The return of the cowboy

Only she can dress with such basics as the cowboy and make it the best invention in history. It is clear that you combined with key pieces of Chanel but the result is wonderful. Are you able to emulate it with clothing low-cost…? Everything is possible.

With pantsuit in monochrome (striking)

The pantsuit is a classic and feminine outfit that, according to what hue is, makes final styling full of originality. The Russian loves this type of sets and dares with bright electric blue or yellow colors.

Wearing unique pieces… And original

Something that stands out from its style is the know carry unique pieces and adapt them to every day. Haute Couture jackets mingle with more sport clothing, original jackets capture the attention of the public while they look with simple looks… The key is to learn to mix different styles for a result of summa cum laude.

More crazy mixtures

Something that has been dazzling to their fans is the mixture of crazy prints and wall. Colours range from lamano regardless of style, matchy matchy in living colours is its raison d ‘ être, and the strangest clothes gather to give a perfect result to the final styling.

Betting on the skirts of skin

Although what adora for this type of event we look skin skirts. Perhaps these would bring another person over many years, but Miroslava knows how to deal with these pieces and teaches us to each stride.

What look do you stay?