Pictures of the Day: Dkny X Opening Ceremony the 90s Memory Collaboration

Is: that what touch Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, can be successful only. And the opening ceremony-duo seems to have placed now clearly blood following their giant triumph with KENZO. Their latest project: DKNY under the arms and offer a mini collaboration. For: Donna Karen New York was once the flagship label of the 90s and disappeared sometime sang and quietly in the no man’s land.

And as one again the dusty fire on front man? Remember the successful times, come senses on the roots, take an extremely popular campaigns face and shakes once vigorously about. The result: Geprintete sweater, which definitely remind us of our adolescence, 90 s attitude at it’s best, straightforward creations and very much Kate Moss x Calvin dress Association – a mini collection, which is to buy it exclusively at opening ceremony! Actually is missing only the music by Donna Lewis in the background and we actually no longer knew what year we would stick. You think?

DKNY call it even “flashback Friday” and thus absolutely hits the mark. We shipped just in the past and enjoy the creations we were at that time still too young for – and see a fashion resume directed 91 92 and 94!

As mum used always to say: everything is going! But that this happens so quickly, probably nobody would have expected, or?

Most important pieces of the collection: the bodies, the hoodies, Maxi dresses and skirts gerpintete basics. Starting immediately in the opening ceremony online store. NA, who proposes to?

Carol Lim: “DKNY what a pioneer of streetwear fashion in the 90s.” “We have been longtime fans of the brand, and were very excited to bring select back, Quint-essential styles that feel fresh even today.”