Renewed Growth: Weekday Launches 1440 – And Relies On Athleticism

Yikes, what is going on at weekday because there again? The former shop concept weekend, that opened only on weekends and in addition to cheap for us was ready only selected vintage honey Monday denim, grows and grows and grows. In addition to private labels, the Fab 5, and fade to W to in the future be another label, the us the necessary portion sportsmanship in our wardrobe blows: 1440 according to are you fire hot and us it could happen slowly, we lose track so gradual after all the updates of the past few weeks.

Is responsible for the swing casual designer NHU Duong, who absorbs their inspirations between Berlin and Stockholm anyway, and the casual coolness in their collections to the expression brings. 2009 the Vietnamese has worked already with the Swedish multi-brand and convinced already sporty minimalism with a soft spot for premium textiles. We are quite excited by the result and provide you very soon with more information. So much is clear according to the finest: the collection should already hang from March in the stores!

A small review anyone?

NHU Duong for weekday from blomcd on Vimeo.

We want to deprive nor the images of collaboration, which included at that time also jewelry, you:

A small Vita has also artschoolvets! Summarised for you.

Graduated from BECKMANS COLLEGE OF DESIGN, Stockholm in 2008
design assistant at ACNE Studio
exhibited at the SVENSKT TENN Exhibition 2008
first recipient of the MERCEDES BENZ Young fashion industry award in Sweden
debuting at Stockholm fashionweek in 2009
first commercial collection NHU Duong for WEEKDAY spring 2009
H & M scholarship as emerging talent in design at the swedish ELLE AWARDS 2010
well-appointed head of design for the online brand NOWHERE in 2011
currently lives and works between Stockholm and Berlin.