Rhodes Travel Guide

Rhodes is an island of year-round sun. Rhodes Holiday Island is a combination of antiquity, the Middle Ages and a beach holiday in the magnificent Mediterranean scenery. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday.


The sun shines in Rhodes all year round

In the Mediterranean, southwest of Turkey, the Greek island of Rhodes is known as a beach resort that pampers holidaymakers with its light sand and turquoise sea water. Rhodes, a favorite of tourists who love beach holidays, Greek food and ancient cultural sites, also pampers tourists in excellent weather, as the island shines in the sun up to 300 days a year.

Rhodes is the fourth largest of the Greek islands and offers plenty to do from resort towns to beach activities, not forgetting cultural and natural attractions. The island is suitable as a holiday destination not only for beach holidaymakers who want an urban atmosphere, but also for culturally hungry active travelers. Finns have been traveling to Rhodes for several decades and the island is home to an active Finnish community.

Geographically, next to the mainland, right on the Turkish embrace, the island is a historically important center of trade. This is evidenced by the numerous attractions of the island, such as the ancient city of Lindos and the medieval old town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the northern end of the island. A traveler can be confident that Rhodes has plenty to do for the whole holiday. Travel agencies organize daily trips around Rhodes. Themes can be, for example, history, nature or wine. Several coastal cruises with small cruisers are also organized from the various ports on the island, from the deck of which you can take a dip in the sea waves.

Lindos is one of the main attractions of the whole island of Rhodes.

Rhodes is a year-round destination

Rhodes is hailed as the sunniest island in Greece. The warmest time in Rhodes is during the summer months, when the average daily temperature pains handsomely above 25 degrees. Evening on the hottest days is warm, so you should invest in air conditioning when booking your hotel. The heat is cooled by a northeast wind.

According to Finnish standards, warm weather is sufficient from April to November, and in the winter months the temperature is about ten degrees. In Rhodes it rains less, so you can also enjoy the warming sunshine in winter. So the best time to travel due to the weather is in spring, summer and autumn, but if you don’t need heat or beach life, a holiday in Rhodes also offers sunny variation in Finnish weather conditions in winter.

Beaches, shopping and culture

Rhodes is a combination of sun and history for both the sledding and the active holidaymaker, not forgetting the heartbeat and shopping opportunities of Rhodes Town. The island’s numerous beaches provide a great setting for a casual beach plan, and the popular beaches offer an endless variety of options for more wild beach activities.

In return for lying on the beach, the island is full of historical cultural attractions. Rhodes Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the island’s most significant historical attractions, and the enlightened tourist recognizes the Old Town’s influences from the Hellenistic period as well as the Byzantine period. The island also has numerous other historical monuments that offer fascinating views and variation for beach days.

Service even in Finnish

Rhodes is a very popular destination and is also reflected in the price level of the island. Restaurant nights and grocery shopping may cost the same as in Finland, and prices in the boutiques of the old town may be surprisingly high, but bargaining is allowed.

Rhodes is a safe destination, but tourists visiting the island should stay alert to tourist scammers and pickpockets. There is no need to suffer from the time difference in Rhodes, because it is the same time as in Finland.

Finnish shops and restaurants are mocked in the street scene, and it is possible to succeed in Finnish on the island in terms of language skills. In many restaurants, menus are available in Finnish, and in the event of an illness, it is possible to request treatment from a Finnish-speaking doctor.


Lindos is one of the main attractions of the whole island of Rhodes

Rhodes also offers the tourist plenty of natural attractions.

The best experiences

  1. Turquoise clear sea and soft white sand
  2. The old town with its bazaars
  3. Lindos
  4. Island tour by catamaran
  5. Butterfly Valley

The most fun activities

  1. Relaxing on sunny beaches
  2. Diving course
  3. Moped rumbling around town
  4. Water sports such as water skiing and paragliding
  5. Getting to know the history of the island

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