Scala Slimming Leggings Review

Slimming clothes seduce today more and more followers. Practical, easy to use, but also known for their efficiency, these corrective silhouette can only seduce more than one. The slimming leggings scala Biopromise the ceramic crystals include, in particular among the most popular on the market. How it works ? And what results can be expected?

Scala Slimming Leggings Review

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Operation Slimming Leggings Scala Biopromise

For it has a slimming effect on the body, the scala legging has been designed with a particular tissue.In the son are integrated ceramic crystals, which allow to accumulate heat and thus to promote blood circulation in the body and eliminate fat and water in your skin.

The technology is to eliminate toxins through this stimulation. The scala slimming leggings fighting including beads at hip level and corrects the buttocks for a firmer result. As a bonus, shares crystals eliminate cellulite, which brings softness to the skin.

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Product Benefits

The legging BioPromise scala be worn without embarrassment, with a tunic, under pants or as a dress. No seams, it is both practical and comfortable to do all daily activities without problems. This slimming garment offers, moreover, the more squeezed the possibility of having a more slender silhouette immediately. Blood flow is optimized, particularly in the legs, buttocks and hip. In terms of the life of the accessory, the leggings scala can be washed several times without problem. This fashionable clothing can be worn throughout the year.

Test Results

In order to ensure the effectiveness of legging Biopromise scala with ceramic crystals, many tests were performed by a medical team. The tests, done on 50 women, have shown a palpable decrease in volume in the buttocks, legs and hip. Worn for a month, at 6 days per week and 8 hours per day, the garment has removed 10 cm in size. The study was spread over two months to get optimized results. Note however that the resulting thinning depends greatly on the body and the rhythm of life of the user.

They tested the scala legging to slim fast!

Testimonials and reviews of users:

If the figures obtained by the tests already demonstrate the effectiveness of the scala legging, user, too, also have their say. Although treggings xl has its own experiences, most of them reported having seen a net decrease of their measurements after using the product.

Our Test Biopromise Sacala Slimming Leggings:

In one week, Sophie, 32, who has tested it for us was really satisfied with the result, it was particularly successful in losing 2 cm at her thighs and about 1 cm at his hip. The results it is perfectly possible to improve with some regular sports sessions. She also noted a marked improvement in his orange skin.