Sights of Florence, Italy

According to Youremailverifier, Florence (called Firenze in Italian) is the capital of the province of the same name and of the Tuscany region. The city is one of the most famous cultural cities in Europe. It is the cradle of the Renaissance. Many famous artists, scientists, writers and other historical people have lived or were born here. Examples include Leonardo De Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei. Today, Florence is the must-visit city when in Tuscany. The city is bursting with beautiful squares, streets, bridges and palaces.

The book “Inferno” by American author Dan Browne has given tourism in Florence an extra boost. Following the book and the movie released in 2016, which is largely set in Florence, tourists go in search of the historical sites and buildings described in the book.

Florence ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Uffizi
Anyone who has not visited the world famous museum Uffizi has not seen the city of Florence. This magisterial and huge museum has many art treasures to admire. Sufficient space has of course been devoted to Michelangelo’s work, but works by Sandro Botticelli, Giotto, Simone Martini, Pierro della Francesca and our own Rembrandt van Rijn can also be viewed here.

The Uffici is extremely popular. It is not for nothing that more and more people buy their Uffizi tickets in advance via the internet. In this way you avoid the often huge queues that can stand in front of the cash registers of this museum. By purchasing skip-the-line tickets you can get in much faster. Buy your tickets for the Uffizi. here

#2. Florence Cathedral

By far the best known and most beautiful church building in Florence is the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. It is often referred to as the Florence Cathedral or the Duomo (dome). The medieval church building is centrally located in the historic center of Florence. It is a beautiful sight to see both inside and out. Beautiful elements are the white and black exterior of the cathedral, which especially give the facade an impressive appearance, the red domes and the 85 meter high campanile. After climbing 414 steps, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Florence.

#3. Palazzo Vecchio
This beautiful building from the early 1300s is located on the famous Piazza della Signoria. Palazzo Vecchio has had several names in the past. It was called both Palazzo della Signoria and Palazzo del Popolo. The administration of the city of Florence has worked from this building for a long time. Now today it is a museum with works by Mantegna, Pontormo and Donatello.

#4. Galleria dell’Accademia
When you visit Florence, you can’t avoid visiting the Galleria dell’Accademia museum. After all, the museum contains the original sculpture ‘David’ by Michelangelo. This artwork is considered one of the masterpieces of the Italian artist Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. In the Galleria dell’Accademia you can see the real statue. The statue in Piazza della Signoria is a replica. Besides David, there is of course much more to see in the Galleria dell’Accademia. The collection includes a fine collection of paintings from the Renaissance.

#5. Palazzo Pitti
This majestic palace and estate once belonged to the successful merchant Luca Pitti. Later it came into the hands of the famous Medici family. These lived there until 1737 when there were no more descendants. Over the years, much has been added to this beautiful palace. It eventually became the home of the Italian royal family. This is still reflected in the interior. Behind the palace are the beautiful Boboli Botanical Gardens.Also for the Palazzo Pitti, advance reservation of tickets with a time slot is a must.

#6. Ponte Vecchio
A very old bridge crosses the river Arno. This is the Ponte Vecchio which was built in 1345. This stone bridge replaced a wooden bridge that was destroyed by a flood in 1333. The influential Medici family wanted a covered passageway over the bridge to walk from the Palazzio Vecchio to the Palazzo Pitti. And so this beautiful bridge was created.

#7. Piazza della Signoria
The most important square in Florence is the Piazza della Signoria. Here are a number of important historical buildings such as Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi museum, the town hall and the covered sculpture gallery with pieces such as Hercules and the Centaur, Perseus and Mendusa and the Sabine Virgins robbery. This Loggia dei Lanzi attracts many visitors every year. The gallery was built between 1376 and 1382. You will also find a replica of Michelangelo’s David on this square.

#8. Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
A grandson from the Medici family once suggested housing the enormous book collection in a library. And so it happened that a monastery library was built at the Basilica San Lorenzo. Many documents and manuscripts from the Medici history can be found under the name Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana. Because Michelangelo was responsible for the construction together with the then Pope ‘Pope Clement VII’, this library is considered to be his most complete building.

#9. Santa Croce
One of the most important churches in Florence is the Santa Croce which is located on the square of the same name, Piazza Santa Croce. It is even one of the most beautiful Gothic basilicas in Italy. Many treasures can be admired inside, including the crucifix of Donatello and the tomb of Michelangelo Buonarotti. There are also many tombs of famous Florentines. Those who used to pay for the construction of this beautiful church had the right to be buried here for him and his family.

#10. Piazzale Michelangelo
For a beautiful view of the city of Florence, you should definitely visit Piazzale Michelangelo. The view is particularly good as it is on a hill. In the center of the square is a memorial to Michelangelo. This is a copy of David and a few other statues.

Florence, Italy

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