Singapore 2014

Yearbook 2014

Singapore. In January, one of Singapore Airlines’ super-jet planes, an Airbus A380 with 467 passengers aboard, was forced to land in Azerbaijan during a flight from London when the pressure in the cabin suddenly dropped. The landing was odramatic. According to, Singapore population in 2020 is estimated at 5,850,353. The police were granted new temporary powers in the Little India area after the riots in December 2013. The riots were the first in Singapore in 30 years and broke out when an Indian guest worker was killed by a private bus. After the rally, 24 people were indicted.

Singapore Population 2014

In March, Singapore became the second country in the world, after the US, to regulate virtual currencies, such as bitcoin. The Economist magazine ranked Singapore as the world’s most expensive city.

In July, the government approved a list of eight items to increase control in Little India and prevent multiple riots, including increased police resources, more surveillance cameras, better lighting and alcohol restrictions in select locations. To mark the rights of gays, 2,000 people gathered at the event Pink Dot, held every year since 2009. Authorities called for calm after a Muslim leader started a protest campaign, which was also supported by a Christian group. Sexual acts between men are prohibited by law, but the issue of gay rights has been intensively debated in recent years.

According to topb2bwebsites, in July, two men sentenced to death for drug paraphernalia were hanged. It was the first execution in Singapore since a moratorium was introduced in 2011 for the purpose of reviewing the law.

In August, new laws were introduced to make it more difficult for foreign nationals to get jobs in the country. The large number of guest workers has previously caused dissatisfaction among the population. Critics warn that the new laws could have an impact on Singapore’s economy. For the ninth consecutive year, Singapore was ranked by the World Bank as the best country in the world to conduct business.

In November, the Danish-owned oil company OW Bunker went bankrupt after suspected fraud was discovered in the Singapore-based subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading. Singapore introduced visa requirements for travelers from Ebola-afflicted countries in West Africa. Police arrested 135 people in a comprehensive effort against suspected loan sharks.

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