Solidarity-Based Collection of Angel Schlesser and Martina Klein

Angel Schlesser and Martina Klein have come together in a solidarity action, this time in the fight against cancer. Designer and model have embarked on a new project for raise funds and in which she served as Ambassador. Together contributed their bit in the fight against this disease, since they are collaborating with the brand of V & T beverage proposing promotional and supportive idea make a collection whose profits are earmarked for the fight against cancer (AECC) Association.

The designer seemed a wonderful idea and it has been thought in Martina Klein as image because it is one of his muses, and therefore responsible for wear these garments, who said she feels very pleased to work with the cause. The outfit of the Argentine model belongs to the solidarity collection.

The Cantabrian designer has created a exclusive collection V & T whose profits will go to stop the project much to live, to prevention and the development in the research of breast cancer. The new solidarity collection is composed by 10 exclusive garment models (will be only sold 200.) The line, which in total are 10 garments, 8 for girl and 2 boy, is of Aires classical with avant-garde touches, made in natural fabrics and in colors beige, white, and green tea. And you can buy in any store of designer Spain.