South Carolina 2014

The capital city of South Carolina is Columbia, which is located in the center of the state. It is home to the University of South Carolina and has a population of 129,272 as of 2019. According to, the largest city in South Carolina is Charleston, located on the Atlantic coast. It is known for its colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, and its historic district. It has a population of 134,385 as of 2019 and it is an important seaport in the southeastern United States.

Politics of South Carolina in 2014

The political landscape of South Carolina in 2014 was largely dominated by the gubernatorial election between Republican incumbent Nikki Haley and Democratic challenger Vincent Sheheen. This was a highly contested race, with both candidates running on platforms that focused on job growth and economic development. During the campaign, Haley touted her record of cutting taxes, improving the state’s infrastructure, and creating jobs while Sheheen argued that she had done too little to improve the quality of life for South Carolinians. Ultimately, Haley emerged victorious and was re-elected as Governor of South Carolina.

In addition to this high profile race, there were several other important political developments in South Carolina throughout 2014. The state held primary elections for both its U.S House and Senate seats, with Republicans taking the majority of both chambers. This meant that Republicans now had full control over the state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. In addition to this, South Carolina also passed a number of new laws during this year including a bill that banned most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and another that allowed guns to be carried without a permit in certain areas.

Overall, 2014 was an important year in terms of politics in South Carolina as it saw some significant changes in terms of who was leading the state as well as what policies were being enacted. These changes would have long lasting effects on both the state’s economy and social structure going forward into 2015 and beyond.

South Carolina 2014

Population of South Carolina in 2014

As of 2014, according to beautyphoon, South Carolina had a population of approximately 4.8 million people. This represented a 2.2% growth from the previous year and made it the 24th most populous state in the United States. The majority of the population was concentrated in the coastal areas, with Charleston being the largest city with a population of nearly 130,000 people.

In terms of demographics, South Carolina was largely composed of white Americans (68%) followed by African Americans (27%), Hispanic or Latino Americans (5%), and Asian Americans (1%). The state also had a significant Native American population (1%) as well as smaller populations from other racial backgrounds such as Pacific Islanders and Middle Easterners.

The median age in South Carolina was 37 years old in 2014, with children under 18 years old accounting for 27% of the total population and adults over 65 accounting for 12%. In terms of gender, women made up slightly more than half (50.6%) of the total population while men accounted for 49.4%.

In terms of education level, 25% of adults had at least a bachelor’s degree or higher while 21% had some college or an associate’s degree. Approximately 19% had only graduated from high school or obtained their GED while 35% had not graduated from high school at all.

Overall, South Carolina’s population in 2014 was largely composed of white Americans followed by African Americans and Hispanic or Latino Americans with smaller populations from other ethnic backgrounds and Native American tribes living throughout the state. The median age was 37 years old with women making up slightly more than half of the total population while education levels varied widely across different demographic groups.

Economy of South Carolina in 2014

In 2014, according to ablogtophone, the economy of South Carolina was driven by a diverse mix of industries. The state’s gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated to be $181.6 billion, which represented a growth rate of 4.3 percent from 2013. The largest industries in the state included tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture. Tourism accounted for nearly $18 billion in economic activity in 2014, with the majority of visitors coming from other states and countries to enjoy beaches and other attractions along the coastline. Manufacturing continued to be an important part of South Carolina’s economy, accounting for more than $25 billion in output in 2014. Major products manufactured included chemicals, motor vehicles and parts, textiles, machinery and equipment, rubber products, paper products and food products. Agriculture was also an important sector of the state’s economy in 2014 with nearly 800 thousand acres devoted to farm use producing crops such as cotton, tobacco and soybeans as well as livestock including poultry and cattle. In addition to these traditional industries South Carolina had a growing technology sector that included software development companies and research centers focused on advanced materials science and biotechnology. Overall, the economy of South Carolina had seen steady growth since 2009 as businesses continued to invest in new projects throughout the state creating jobs for its citizens while providing goods and services both domestically and internationally.

Events Held in South Carolina in 2014

In 2014, South Carolina hosted a variety of events and activities that showcased the state’s unique culture and history. The state’s largest annual event is Spoleto Festival USA, a two-week arts festival held in Charleston each year. The festival features performances from local and international artists in music, dance, theater, visual art and more. Other major events held throughout the year include the Carolina Cup horse race in Camden, the Coastal Carolina Fair in Ladson, and the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia.

Sports fans can enjoy a variety of professional sports teams including Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves at their spring training camp in North Augusta and Minor League Baseball teams such as the Greenville Drive. During the summer months, beachgoers can enjoy professional surfing competitions such as Folly Beach Pro Surf Contest or take part in beach volleyball tournaments on Isle of Palms Beach.

The state also hosts several historical reenactments throughout the year such as Revolutionary War Battle Reenactment at Ninety Six National Historic Site or Battle of Cowpens Reenactment at Cowpens National Battlefield. Additionally, visitors can explore a variety of museums across South Carolina to learn about its rich heritage including Fort Sumter National Monument in Charleston or Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum located in Columbia.

South Carolina also offers plenty of opportunities to experience its natural beauty with various outdoor activities available throughout the year including hiking trails at Congaree National Park or kayaking tours along Edisto River near Summerville. In addition to these events and activities, visitors can participate in local festivals such as Taste of Charleston Food Festival or Okra Strut Festival held each October near Walterboro. From art shows to outdoor adventures to historical reenactments there is something for everyone to enjoy during their visit to South Carolina.

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