Stine Goya A/W 2013 – “Le Voyage Dans La Lune”

Distant planets and galaxies, final frontier, unexplored mystery – with her collection “Le Voayage dans La Lune” us kidnapped the Danish designer Stine Goya in a world between reality and fiction, she searches for answers to unsolved puzzles and transformed into tangible fabric fairy tale dream sequences. Futuristic prints, R2-D2 reminiscent of, portable-style uniforms of the Star Trek gang, architectural cuts and like in the colonization of the moon would carry her creations such as we and nevertheless remains desirable Stines style at any time portable and every single piece. Moon bags, rain coats, two-piece – basically we could save now all our money in good conscience spend it this autumn in the Stine Goya online store. 

As a source of inspiration served the eponymous film suitable to the title of the collection “Le Voyage dans La Lune” (“the voyage to the Moon”) by French illusionist and Director of Georges Melies. His work in 1902 is still considered one of the first and most important in film history. Science fiction was born and thus undreamt-of possibilities: Pyro technology, double exposures, split screens, and stop-motion – Melies was active at the same time as a magician, obviously spurred him to then novel methods – and Stine Goya to one of the most beautiful collections of her career, if you ask me:


Especially on has done it with the graphically patterned oversize sweater with voluminous sleeves, every single winter coat, as well as pink wind breaker and virtually any blouses pants suit. New in the range: down jackets that look like not even so bad and it assets, to distance themselves from any chav – philistine Association.

The new layering: Turtleneck, dress, pants – great love:

More impressions of the presentation:

For the smaller purse strings there is a collection in collaboration with weekday currently by the way: FADE TO W (feat. Stine Goya) the whole thing is called. HERE long!

Make-up: Anne Staunsager for L’Oreal Paris hair: Kevin Murphy Scenography for Marianne Jensen: Petruska Miehe-Renard choreography: Toniah Pedersen Music: Djuna Barnes jewelry: Sophie Bille Brahe graphics: Dyhr. Hagen