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Albania is a small Balkan country located in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. The Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea flank its western and southwestern borders, respectively. Tirana, the capital city, serves as the political, economic, and cultural center. Albania has a parliamentary republic system, with a president as the head of state and a prime minister as the head of government. The political landscape is characterized by a multi-party system, with the Socialist Party of Albania (PS) and the Democratic Party (PD) being the two major political entities. The PS, led by Prime Minister Edi Rama, has been in power since 2013, while the PD, led by Lulzim Basha, serves as the main opposition. Other parties include the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), the Democratic Party of Albanians (PDSH), and the Republican Party (PR), among others. Albania has undergone significant political and economic transformations since the end of communist rule in 1992, transitioning to a market-oriented system and seeking closer ties with the European Union. Challenges include addressing issues of corruption, ensuring the rule of law, and advancing socio-economic development. Albania’s aspiration for EU membership has been a driving force in its reforms, including judiciary and public administration reforms. The country has made progress in improving infrastructure and attracting foreign investment, contributing to its economic growth. However, as situations may change, it is advisable to consult more recent sources for the latest information on Albania’s country overview and political landscape beyond January 2022. INTERSHIPPINGRATES: Features democracy and rights of Albania.

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Yearbook 2014 Albania. According to police, a powerful explosion that damaged a power line post on New Year’s Eve constituted the first terrorist attack to hit Albania. Albania population in 2020 is estimated at...