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Hungary, located in Central Europe, is a landlocked country with a population of approximately 9. 7 million people. As a member of the European Union (EU) and NATO, Hungary has a diverse cultural heritage, evident in its historical architecture, traditions, and festivals. The political landscape is dominated by the conservative Fidesz party, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Fidesz, which positions itself as center-right, has been in power since 2010 and advocates for national conservatism, emphasizing issues such as immigration control, national sovereignty, and economic policies that support Hungarian businesses. The political opposition includes parties such as the center-left Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and the liberal Momentum Movement. Hungary has faced criticism for concerns related to the rule of law, media freedom, and democratic institutions, leading to tensions with the EU. The country’s economy is characterized by a mix of industry, agriculture, and services, with sectors like automotive manufacturing playing a significant role. Hungary’s approach to foreign policy often reflects a balancing act between maintaining ties with the EU, particularly in economic matters, and fostering relations with countries like Russia and China. The nation has been involved in regional initiatives, including the Visegrád Group, which consists of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. While Hungary has made strides in economic development, challenges such as demographic shifts, concerns over democratic principles, and debates on the rule of law continue to shape its political discourse and relationship with the European Union. As Hungary navigates these complexities, the country’s commitment to balancing national interests with European cooperation remains a critical aspect of its identity and future trajectory. INTERSHIPPINGRATES: Features democracy and rights of Hungary.

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Heviz is located 190 km from Budapest, which means that first you need to get to the Hungarian capital by plane, train or bus. The trip from there to the resort takes about 3-4...

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Hungary is a landlocked nation located in Central Europe. It has a population of nearly 10 million people, and its capital and largest city is Budapest. Hungary’s official language is Hungarian, and other languages...