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Nauru, the world’s third smallest country, is a tiny island nation in Micronesia, known for its unique history and challenges. Governed as a parliamentary republic, Nauru’s political landscape involves a multi-party system, though political parties play a limited role in the nation’s small and close-knit community. Nauru gained independence from an Australian trusteeship in 1968 and experienced economic prosperity due to phosphate mining. However, the depletion of phosphate reserves and mismanagement of funds led to economic decline. The economy is now supplemented by offshore banking and aid from Australia, with the latter hosting a regional processing center for asylum seekers on Nauru. The nation’s cultural heritage, influenced by Micronesian and Polynesian traditions, is celebrated through events like Independence Day and traditional dances. Nauru faces challenges related to environmental degradation, health issues, and economic sustainability. The political system, characterized by a single-chamber parliament, has seen frequent changes in leadership, reflecting the country’s small size and shifting political dynamics. As Nauru addresses these challenges and seeks to diversify its economy, the delicate balance between environmental conservation, economic development, and international relations remains a key consideration for the nation’s future within the context of the Pacific region.

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Yearbook 2014 Nauru. In January, Nauru shocked the fee foreign journalists have to pay to enter the country. In November, the government confirmed that no journalist applied for a visa to enter the country...