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Romania, situated in Eastern Europe, is a nation with a rich history, diverse landscapes, and a complex political landscape. Governed as a semi-presidential republic, Romania’s political scene is characterized by a multi-party system, with major parties including the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Liberal Party (PNL), and the Save Romania Union (USR). The country underwent a period of communist rule under Nicolae CeauČ™escu until the 1989 Revolution marked by significant political changes. Romania is known for its medieval castles, including Bran Castle, and the Carpathian Mountains, offering picturesque scenery. The economy is diverse, with sectors such as manufacturing, services, and agriculture contributing significantly. Bucharest, the capital, exemplifies a mix of historic architecture and modern developments. Romania’s cultural identity is shaped by a blend of Latin, Slavic, and Ottoman influences, visible in its traditions, folk art, and vibrant festivals like Dragobete. As a member of the European Union since 2007, Romania actively participates in regional and global affairs, emphasizing issues such as EU integration, economic reforms, and diplomatic relations. Challenges include concerns related to corruption, social inequality, and environmental issues. Romania’s commitment to democratic values, economic development, and preserving its cultural heritage continues to shape its role within Eastern Europe and the broader international community. INTERSHIPPINGRATES: Features democracy and rights of Romania.

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Yearbook 2014 Romania. In a report, the European Commission expressed doubts about the independence of the Romanian judiciary, but former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase was sentenced to four years in prison at the beginning...