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Saudi Arabia, a key player in the Middle East, is a monarchy with a unique blend of traditional Islamic values and modern economic ambitions. Governed by the Al Saud royal family, the country has a complex political structure where the King serves as both the head of state and government. Saudi Arabia does not have formal political parties, and political participation is limited. The Consultative Assembly, or Shura Council, serves as an advisory body, but its members are appointed by the King rather than elected. The country has undergone significant social and economic reforms in recent years, with the Vision 2030 initiative aiming to diversify the economy, reduce dependency on oil, and enhance social liberties. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been a driving force behind these reforms, which include steps toward empowering women, promoting entertainment and tourism, and attracting foreign investment. Despite these changes, the political system remains highly centralized, and there are ongoing human rights concerns. Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical significance, driven by its oil reserves and role in regional affairs, shapes its global standing. However, developments may have occurred, so it is recommended to refer to more recent sources for the latest information on Saudi Arabia’s political situation, potential reforms, or any shifts in the monarchy’s leadership structure. HOMEAGERLY: Features democracy and rights of Saudi Arabia.

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Yearbook 2014 Saudi Arabia. The increasingly serious security situation in the region left traces in both domestic and foreign policy. Concerns over Saudis taking part in the fighting in Syria were assumed to be...