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INTERSHIPPINGRATES: Features democracy and rights of United Kingdom.

International Musical Eisteddfodd

Attractions in Wales

With Wales you encounter a piece of the United Kingdom… and in a certain way – especially historically – to England, which borders on the west. In addition, Wales borders on the Irish Sea,...

United Kingdom Politics 2011

United Kingdom Politics

Great Britain and Northern Ireland have neither a codified constitution nor a constitutional law of higher rank than ordinary statute law. The constitutional order is largely based on unwritten law (Common Law) or on...

Scotland Arrival and Transport

Scotland Arrival and Transport

How do you get to Scotland? Air connections Great Britain’s largest airline is British Airways, which offers long-haul flights in all directions. Virgin Airlines is the second largest airline and also offers numerous long-haul...

England Important Monuments

England Important Monuments

Important monuments Angel of the North The Angel of the North is Britain’s largest and also one of its most impressive sculptures. The 200-ton steel angel designed by Antony Gormley stands near the A1...

United Kingdom Population 2014

United Kingdom 2014

Yearbook 2014 UK. The winter weather in January put the community to the test. The amount of rainfall was reported to be the largest in 248 years and the floods are among the most...