Take to The Streets in Nightgown Follows Fashion

The style lencero still setting trends. Although we still see some proposal of simple dresses with lace details, the new fashion are the proposals in many fall Silk Satin and fluid lines. Very simple, primarily long designs, in the purest style long Nightgown, perfect for being the center of attention of a party.

In the same week have seen Anne Hathaway at the premiere of Interstellar with this beautiful blue design night signed by Richard Nicoll, and blogger Paula Ordovas at the Cosmopolitan Awards with a beautiful model brides signature blank Otaduy. She was gorgeous!

Of course, can find a low-cost version, in this case in ASOs, It has these similar dresses in black or pink.

  • Maxi dress by ASOs black satin 21,33 euros
  • Maxi dress from ASOs pink with lace detail 17.06 euros

Vanessa Hudgens has worn the same dress but no longer lencero cutting, but loaded with shiny style twenties.

In Zara There are several versions lenceras. You can find the classic little black dress detail of lace at the neckline, as I said at the beginning of this post. A proposal for a successful, feminine and sophisticated look. Or you can get with a mini-dress of the maxi version. Model with much fall and taut fine.

  • Black dress 49,95 EUR.
  • Blue dress 29.95 euros
  • Dress Fuchsia satin 29.95 euros