The Do’s & Dont’s, Each Party to Rock

Since days same question in the circle of friends and acquaintances: where is celebrated new year’s Eve? But much crucial as the where, the how. Our site says: How do you quickly in touch with foreign guests? How you dance without embarrassing himself? When should you make the finish no later than, and how?

How polite party-hopping?
You have can’t decide but more as an invitation? You don’t need to! But:
1 . sit a limit. You should not do to more than three parties in the new year’s Eve night yourself and your companions. Combine skilfully, so for example a dinner party in a club.
2. discretion! No hosts want to know that you would like to be another party as his own. So just politely say thank you, say goodbye and move on.
3. you are invited to a dinner, stay at least another half-an-hour after the dessert at the host.
4. let take it easy! Exceed his limit of drinking at the first party? Not a good start to the new year!

Kate Moss (front) we know that no party is out and is famous for its crashes. We hope that the latter spared you. Happy new year!

What to do if you know any?
The party nightmare! The best trick to get into the conversation, and not to act like a rude intruder:
1. Join a group.
2. Wait a few moments.
3. A favourable opportunity, simply say: “I’m sorry that I interfere…”. Broke the ice, listen attentively, to press. Never just stand. The question, how do you know the host, is always a good idea. Taboo: blaspheme, brag, lie, chat under the covers. If you remember, it gets boring or you run out of conversation, you say goodbye politely. In case of emergency, just ask: do you by chance know where the bathroom is?

Help, karaoke!
Microphone in hand, a room full of expectant faces staring at you only . You are however less like Beyoncé, rather feel: Please can I sink into the ground? Don’t panic, because: 1 trick: you are looking for two people to sing along. 2nd trick: choose the right song, the a) is not too difficult, so neither too high nor too low, and b) takes too long. Make sure you go with German party hits such as “Anita” by Costa Cordalis, Udo Jürgens “Greek wine” or “99 luftballons” by Nena. This avoids English tongue twisters and reach, that at the latest when the chorus anyway all sing along.

Dance help!
A new year’s Eve party, without right to dance, is lame. You don’t dare to have inhibitions?
Find a good dancer from the crowd and imitate them.
Have your hands free: glass, handbag or smoldering cigarette have lost nothing on the dance floor! Finally, you need your hands to go through the hair or in the hips.
to let the arms hang not limp down, but a little spin. Dancing needs any air under the armpits!
always works: move the hips like an eight.
under no circumstances make: Clap, March, twerken a la Miley Cyrus!

Can I put pictures on the Internet?
Keyword Instagram, Facebook and co.: to take pictures at a party is okay, without being asked to publish it in social networks and other party guests to mark, do not. In General: Never, really never take shots guests at dinner! Goes: send some photos after the party by mail to the host – of course after the embarrassing snapshots have sorted out you. This is even a nice thank you to the entire round!

How question I sent to his or her phone number?
Never include directly. A good trick: making uncontroversial future plans. Simply take one your talking points. Tell him or her: If the next time you play tennis in the football stadium in the exhibition want to go, but like to call me. If you are then days later actually want to date (and please do it even if it should stay only with time): an SMS message is enough. An email would be too impersonal to directly call.

How can the right finish?
To leave a party is uncomfortable for everyone. The farewell succeeds with following rules:
1. you want to say goodbye after an hour? Stay 30 minutes longer!
2. at large parties should be at least once shot the round and everyone welcomes.
3. a secret exit is only when at least 30 other guests there are. Then make sure that no one else leaves also just the party and that the host is not in the immediate vicinity of the apartment door.
4. call the next day anyway and say thank you. Every host likes to hear how much fun they had. When close friends is also an SMS.

Party fouls – and how to pull out of the affair:
another guest wearing the same dress/shirt: Go to on your fashion twin and tell him or her how much you love his outfit and him is super!
you spill something: That happens to you on the floor or on a piece of furniture, ask the host for paper towels and wipe it away. If you anything about another person tilt and it is not clear on the ground: offer, to take over the cost of cleaning.
you break something: Apologize to the host, buy replacement and write it: “I had a great evening. Many greetings from the elephant in a China shop”.
you have to cancel at the last minute: Send flowers or a bottle of wine with your apology. If it’s too late for that, please call at least – an SMS is rude. Just don’t come without cancellation is an option only at large, anonymous parties.
you run your ex on the way: 1. smile. 2. ask how he/she (you’re at the counter of course fantastic!). After recently Smalltalk adopt 3 , maximum (!) with a kiss on the cheek. 4. if you want more than that – you say we had didn’t warn you!
you realize you’ve been drinking too much: On the spot, leave the party quietly and without long speech. Say goodbye? Just don’t!