The Famous Street Look: Alexa Chung Vs. Kate Hudson and His Pajama Pants

The famous they are a good mirror in which to see what trends are underway right now. A mirror in which see ideas and then take them borrowed with adaptations to our style. If we follow the steps of Alexa Chung We apostaríamos a mixture of textures and patterns for the months that lie ahead.

With a simple style to which we are accustomed, the British shows how look without printed different problems and incorporate whenever possible the harmful animal print to our look, which disfigures until a beautiful marbled sweater and a miniskirt of black leather to match, a few peep toes.

On the other hand, Kate Hudson He had taken at the foot of the word the go as comfortable as when you are at home and opted for trousers as seen in this way with that look seem extruded from a Pajama.

The combination seems horrible, especially with those black high heel boots. What is left in your hand to decide what famous are that most inspire you when it comes to dressing.

Photos | Zimbio