The Influence Of Fashion Bloggers & Stars On The Fashion: “Celine A/W 13” And The Knot Technique

Trends are cast not only by the great fashion creators of this world to lead. Of course there still, visionaries such as REI Kawakubo, but one has changed drastically over the years: the sources of inspiration of the designer. What subject did of the music, youth culture and social movements was the influence on the goings-on in the world of fashion, namely, comes not only from the depths of the Internet (Tumblr aesthetics), from the media dream bubble (series like mad men and co.) Or from the street (second to none: London during the 50/60s). Stylists who set the standards with their star looks, are increasingly also: fashion bloggers.

Looking at the upcoming autumn collection by Phoebe Philo for Céline, I could me a nasty laugh almost resist.
Now be honest: I would not even that, what is today a “fashion girl” calls it, would I not constantly deal with exactly this issue, I would be yesterday dropped by the faith, would have touched me with your finger against the forehead and thinking quietly “that spin but”. Not only that I had to laugh before some time hearty that magazines like the instyle adelten the innocent bind to shirts and sweaters around the hip to the new on-trend, merely because you Gwen Stefani and Rihanna in the this drove look of the 90s along with coffee cup in hand had gespotted, me also the cheese bread in my throat got stuck as a 3.1 Phillip Lim , Derek Lam or Nina Ricci catapulted exactly those demonstration of laxity on the catwalk.

Moreover, we mean fashion bloggers that throwing over a jacket would look thousands of times kleidsamer than the simple wearing it, sleeves are now almost superfluous. The more shrewd of Celine’s head Designer, to accommodate these two fashionable trends in a single collection, to interpret them as Leandra Medine and co have managed ever more elegant and to give birth to a real over trend. In my mind’s eye I can see the fashion blogosphere before old coats and sweaters give up, because the do it yourself want to reach tests just not Céline.

The worst of it: in my mind I am considering it, whether for this experiment because now my gray sweater or but the black would be better suited.

Images:, anywho, the man repeller.