The Latest Looks from Gossip Girl: Leighton Meester and Blake Lively Are The Queens

The filming of the series Gossip Girl continues their March and us as happy as we are seeing all the new looks for the new season. Stylists work is superb and the hanger from Leighton Meester y Blake Lively When it comes to look the perfect looks.

The latest styles they continue to impress and step showing the new trends face to the autumn.

Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl, new looks

Leighton Meester It is leaving some of the best looks of the filming of Gossip Girl. The latter has been this floral dress of Reem Acra It’s awesome. The design does it all, short and well complemented with heel shoes fine, very classic.

It is well beautiful with flowers and the belt that Girds the dress to mark figure.

Before that we have seen it with a look very sport Street that looks just as pretty thanks to a simple grey top and shorts. Very different from what we are accustomed in the series. To highlight the detail of the Celine bag and above all, the boots with fringe. The latter seem horrible to me but left her well.

Blake Lively in Gossip Girl striped with his new look

The stripes remain current in Gossip Girl hand’s Blake Lively commitment to a set of three parts direct to the street and any day of autumn. This very simple flat Sandals as a contrast in addition to a style that could be more elaborate have wanted.

I love your blazer cowboy, close to the worn finish but not be such. The striped top and the miniskirt are the best combination, because we see how a skirt that could be in any party can lead day to day as well.

That Yes, with much better blazer, where gonna stop!.

Clemence Posey, a woman to be considered

One of the actresses in Gossip Girl, Clemence Posey, He has already left us good looks to take note. The latter which starred well deserves attention. Can be one of the names of next season.

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