The New Look, Calvo, of Cameron Diaz

It is indeed Cameron Diaz with her new hairstyle. You surprise right? But don’t be alarmed, the actress does not have such bad taste as to go to the hairdresser and appear with such a radical change. All have been the script requirements.

She is blonde, attractive and one of the actresses better pay of Hollywood, but had no doubts in look in front of the cameras a brand-new, gleaming bald, Since his new role demands it. To get this look, Diaz turned to a prosthesis to hide her hair, something that left many speechless.

The actress is shooting My Sister´s Keeper, a film about a young girl whose leukemia causes changes in their family environment. According to the script of the film, Cameron Díaz, who plays the mother of the protagonist, decides to shave in support to the girl. A very hard role to Cameron who suffered the loss of his father a month ago, victim of a pneumonia.