The Strange Case of Kendall Jenner: The Only One (Of The Family K) with Sensitivity to Fashion

It is curious as genetics and tastes vary from sister to sister. One can go short and curvy while the other can get stylized and very high. In addition, not by sharing genes means that likes to share. And here is where we are now, in the curious case of Kendall Jenner. Far from having anything to do with the Kardashian style, the model teaches us every day that theirs is good taste and style to run him for blood.

And thus teaches us after his last outing (of the hand of your hermanisima Kim Kardashian and her BFF Gigi Hadid): with a total look in white shows us who leads the title of best dressed family. With a hairy top crop, a straight skirt and a coat of the same color, Kendall close to perfection. And that State can be reached comfortably and with a Nike Air Max in the feet.

what you think about the end result?