Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011. The Folk of Joan Baez and Jane Fonda


Fashion is a raffle. As sang Marisol trends are a matter of lottery where lucky in recent years numbers are always those of the decades of the 20th century, of the ladylike of the 40 to the Doris Day of the 50 which brings us again Louis Vuitton. Made already some seasons in which 70 of the hippie of the concert of Woodstock  not psychedelic of Studio 54 with Warhol and offspring, they showed their guidelines by the catwalks and the thing was falling, as it will possibly be falling the return of minimalism as soon as global economic conditions improve.


And if something defined the celebrated mega in the 69 in Bethel, N.y., were singer-songwriters, folk, fringe, flowers and the live and let live. Joan Baez It was one of the protagonists of the place and its style, of the Decade. Fashion brings us back in style, the folk, which reminds us of her and his lyrics as he also recalls the looks of Jane Fonda in his protest tour of the Viet Nam war.




You can find the folk in many places already. Signatures as Bershka they have already defined part of its advance from collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 as Love 70´s and starring her garments such as which I present, in gauze, earth colors and very autumn and flowers everywhere.


In the first of the looks of streetstyle we see style Joan Baez in its purest essence with guitar in hand included, but as said it another one of the main characters will be Jane Fonda, who tops as Freja Beha have not hesitated to emulate a recreation for the August issue of Vogue Nippon, absolutely amazing.



 The similarity is so incredible that if not tell it me, I think it don’t you think?



Another image of the editorial in which Freja is the perfect transcript of the Fonda, in its forms and in its fund. The styling, to take into account this fall. Remember, hippies, musketeer boots always in Suede, colors of Central Park in autumn and many pose. Without a doubt these images will be the stars of the autumn.



 Freja-Jane with the same look out from the bowels of the New York subway in his Bleeker stop. Essential carding in the hair and a semirecogido.



No doubt it’s one of the publishers who will most like me throughout the season, and that has not started. But images like this that mixed classicism of the tones camel of a Jackie O., with attitude sexy one Bianca Jagger I have dazzled.



 Not only Bershka He had watchful eye in this respect. Mango also has backed all his letters of 70s folk as we saw in his Parade held presentation in Madrid.



And other of the trends the winter that catch us a little by surprise since it was not seen for already a few seasons, the long skirts chiffon.