Two Stars, Two Brands: Alexa Chung, Katie Holmes And Certain Plans.

Celebrity Designer have it difficult on the one hand, on the other hand but also quite easily. An it girl is that among the fashion designers, the outside world first has to fight with moldy cliches and nasty prejudices. Again, considering how such news quietly, and “what now will probably again be”. That would be the negative affect. Positive, of course, that one hochtwahrscheinlich can rely as the prominence of the service on the their own fanbase, which automatically become the loyal buying public is.

But of course the personality, which is behind the new brand concept is

decisive for the first gut – and at a safe style creature such as Alexa Chung, for example, that is undoubtedly good. It is quite inclined to trust the good pretty famous designs. Looking forward to what will follow after the big announcement is at least once. So bad that there is no further information available other than just the fact that this thing is as good as done. Alexa can bring, according to Elle, not more of their plan. It is only a matter of time. And Katie Holmes? With their fire that debuts soon at fashion week in New York.

Holmes & Yang is the label of the 33-year old actress, that exists already since 2009, but now celebrates premiere at the New York fashion. The explanation for the name choice is obvious: Jeanne Yang is not only Katie’s stylist, but also “partner in crime” aka with founder of the brands. When looking at the current autumn Lookbook I wonder however: do we really need this? Which is not to say that the whole not quite pretty to look at is. The spark won’t start over, however, to simply missing “something”. Or what do you think?